For-give-ness sake

My father wants gel pens for Christmas. Gel pens. Yes, those things we used to write with in the 6th grade. And we collected them. And nearly had a hernia when they came out with the ones that would show up on black paper. He wants gel pens. Well Lisa Frank, I hope you are not out of business yet because I am coming for you.

This season is about giving but I am starting to believe that I may just gain more this year by giving to myself. I received an email today from an old friend, one in which I have had a falling out with, and it was a moment of peace and clarity. I was not expecting to hear from this person, but this person regarded all that was enclosed in the email as an early Christmas gift to them self, to finally have closure on our crumbled friendship.

Had you asked me yesterday if I thought I needed this, to hear from this person and to really think about everything that had happened to tear us apart into two strangers, I would have not thought twice. I assumed there really was nothing left to say, no more bridge to burn, no wound to care for.

But this person had words for me. Words that I may have been caught off guard to see sitting in my inbox amongst some eChristmas cards and daily fitness tips. These words propelled me to respond and also caused me to think of if there is anyone in my life that I have words for.

We all make room in our minds for the could haves, the should haves, and the would haves. We let them dominate our head, sprawl all over the place and use our brain as a mattress to jump upon. Do your self a favor this Christmas and  kick them out. Is there something you want to say to someone? Did someone hurt you and you feel so inclined to tell them? Did you let someone go that you should not have?

Do you need to forgive yourself?

Take your mind today and treat it like you would a messy desk, clean it up and clear some stuff out. Leave room for the carols, the stories, the ambiance of the holidays. Tidy up your mind and find your peace in the moment at hand.

This person may or may not know it, but they gave me the greatest gift of all this Christmas; a precious chance to salvage a friendship and ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness, to me, is more beautiful than the star on top of the Christmas tree. Forgiveness, right now, is filling my cheeks with happiness and elation, warming my heart with so much heat that it has the potential to melt the snow outside.

Forgive someone else. Forgive yourself. Say what you need to say, or listen to someone else. After all, this is the season for giving.

Welcome Christmas season, won’t you please stay with me for the next few days?

3 thoughts on “For-give-ness sake

  1. just got your sweet comments on my blog! thank you=) also-i wanted gel pens for christmas too….but i use them in designs and for my art…and i’m twenty-two and in fashion design. haha. i hope your dad enjoys them though!

  2. I have a friend who I haven’t really spoken to since we graduated from college two years ago. We had changed a lot during our senior year and we didn’t really seem to have much of a friendship by the time we graduated. When we saw each other a year later, after I had moved from the West Coast to the East Coast and after she had graduated from her masters program in education, it was so difficult to have a conversation over lunch, when just two years before we could have talked for ours.

    Maybe I should send her a little Christmas note this year, just to let her know that I think of her and wish her well, even though we aren’t as close as we used to be.


  3. Allison,

    It is certainly the perfect time of year to let people know that we are thinking of them and that we still care. I think it is a great idea. Merry Christmas!


    Hannah Katy

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