Best Friends: They live in our hearts but they always pay the rent.

It’s that map you can draw perfectly on the back of a napkin leading to exactly where they are.

It’s those seven digits that you know by heart and one of the few “home phone numbers” still stored in your memory.

It is the words that never take shape. You glance at one another and you realize, words are not necessary for this moment.

This is a best friend.Most of us have these people in our lives, the people we can call at a moment’s notice and they will be there without a second thought.To Sweep Up Our Broken Hearts. To Bottle Our Sobs. To Skip Through Life’s Wonders Alongside Us.

I believe in fate and if ever I begin to doubt it I only need to look to my best friends to reassure myself. Think for a moment of your best friends. Picture in your head where you first met them, that first encounter. Think about how that friendship grew and progressed to what it is now. My best friends came from all over, a retreat, my kindergarten class, freshman orientation. But what if I had chosen to skip the retreat that weekend or attend a different college? My life would be so drastically different and they would not be a part of it. It is this: I was somewhere. They were too. We both collided. The world looked different from that moment forward.

I woke up this morning with swollen eyes because I spent all last night sobbing. It was a final farewell to my best friend as she made her way to Prague for five months. I know it is not over, that we will see each other again, but I still felt my heart break as I watched her in the rear view mirror as our car pulled away. And She Stood There. And I Wanted To Turn Around.

We have talked a lot about how it doesn’t feel like it is time to say goodbye; we have been inseparable for the past few months that it feels like we should have longer. But We Shouldn’t. Why? Well, it is the simplest of life lessons. If we needed more time, we would be granted with it.

But this morning I awoke, puffy eyes and all, and I looked in the mirror and realized, “I am who I am because of her, because of all the people in my life who have come and gone. I would not be the same without them.” What a crazy, crazy thought: We undergo change and development because of the little fact that people are constantly coming and going in our lives. Makes me think twice about my every day interactions and potential that each person holds.

Take one minute of your Monday to think back on a single moment you have had with a best friend. Perhaps it was that time that you laughed until you had trouble breathing. Or maybe that time you ordered everything on a menu for the thrill of it but spent the rest of the day with belly aches together. And just let yourself go back to that moment and smile.

I will share the moment that is coming to my mind: A few nights ago, my best friend Celia and I were unpacking my room from winter break and I was so excited to use my new bed spread. I had bought this bed spread with my mother and it had been marked down from $160 at Urban Outfitters to $70, however, at the register it rang up as $21. SCORE! Well it was a very pretty patterned black and white bedspread and Celia helped me put it on the bed. We took a few steps back to look at it and realized that there was a giant deer on the bed spread. A big black and white deer, fawn, buck (whatever you want to call it), staring right back at me. I bought the bed spread without realizing that Bambi’s relative was on the front of it. Thankfully it was reversible but Celia and I sat on the floor laughing til we cried for a good 20 minutes over the hilarity of the purchase. And so I realize I am totally OK with the deer being there, I will let him stay for a while, because he brought about that moment.

What best friend moment comes to your mind?

7 thoughts on “Best Friends: They live in our hearts but they always pay the rent.

  1. You never forget your best friend, even when they pass away.

    But that is a thought from one of another generation, another friendship.

    Is that you with your best friend in the photo? the background looks mighty familiar. Wouldn’t be Suburban Station in Philadelphia by any chance, would it?

    thanks for the insight,

    michael j
    conshohocken, PA USA

  2. This is so sweet. I adore my best friends, too, and am so thankful for having them be a part of my life. Thank you for reminding me of this today! And I’m sorry you had to say goodbye for now to one of your besties. 😦 That is always hard! But she will be back soon and it will be ok. Thanks for this sweet reminder today. 🙂

  3. Over the years I’ve always had these small periods of sadness where I realise I never really had a best friend. I moved countries in my mid-teens and in my struggle to adjust to a whole new culture, I was always a little afraid of what other people thought of “the foreign girl” to actually venture out and get close with anyone. In university I made a handful of friends who I am still friends with to this day, and there are a couple of them who I do consider best friends – it just took a really long time to find them. The group split last year when two of four moved halfway across the country – but thanks to things like Skype and email we can stay in touch, and especially thanks to that that I’ve maintained extremely close friendships with a handful of people I grew up with back in the UK and haven’t seen in ten years, physically – but online there they are, the the friendship is strong as ever.

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