Growing Up: Where I learn to leave a legacy behind instead of myself.

Last year I imagined I would always be the girl wearing the “College” T-shirt and signing on for a 16th semester because I could not get enough of this place. I used to believe this single place could hold my heart forever. I thought I would never be ready to leave college because there would always be something new to learn.

College has taught me a great deal about friendships, loss, love and beauty. Growth. Dreams. Setting my mind to something and seeing it done. College has taught me about satisfaction and complacency, of soul searching and realizing what I am made of. As I eagerly awaited even more life lessons at the beginning of this semester only one in particular has seemed to come around, being as obnoxious and loud as a Jersey Shore cast member: I am ready to not be here anymore. Is that bad? Is that horrible? Am I getting sick with something worse than the Swine? I am here, at a school that has blessed me with this person I am so proud to be today, but I know I am letting it go. Slowly And Surely My Hands Are Loosening Their Grip And I Am Beginning To Look Towards A New Chapter.

116 days. That is all that remains. The internships are over. The seminars have passed. The leadership positions still exist but for some reason they don’t feel as pressing this semester. I don’t necessarily feel like I need to be here anymore but the point is that I am here. I have 116 days left and I intend to make them as beautiful as the three and a half years that have come and gone.

So what can I do to “carpe diem” if you will? Here is the start of a beautiful bucket list: Make time. Go to school sponsored events where my presence is not mandatory. Give the meaning back to the “weekend” and allow myself to lounge, relax and take a break. Be spontaneous, anywhere and everywhere. Realize that it really is not the end of the world if I don’t score an A on a paper. Give everyone a chance. Find moments to laugh for no particular reason. Talk to strangers on this campus. Realize that people trump obligations, always. Dance in random places. Go out even when I know I shouldn’t. Leave some kind of legacy behind.

The last one is important. No matter where we are– college, grad school, the work world– we should be seeking to leave some kind of legacy behind. How do we want to be remembered in this place? What would we like people to say about us when your name enters into a conversation? If we could be described with one word, what word would we want that to be?

So I will continue to sculpt a legacy in this final semester. If I could be granted one sentence about my character, one that I would want to be remembered by I think it would be this: She was a girl who had a big heart and she chose to use all of it.

That seems simple. I can work with that. I can turn that into my legacy here, of this I am certain.

If you could only be granted one sentence that would slip out of the mouths of others, one sentence to describe you as a person, what would you want it to be?

7 thoughts on “Growing Up: Where I learn to leave a legacy behind instead of myself.

  1. great post! that’s how i felt my last semester, too. it was so strange to think i was actually okay with leaving the friends and world i had loved and lived in for the past four years. it’s exciting, though, to know you’re embarking on something new, and for me that meant moving two states away to somewhere totally foreign because… i could. i also think your bucket list idea is a good one. i like to think i left a good legacy behind me, but it could’ve been better. now i just hope i can one-up myself in the career world. if i could pick one sentence that i wish people would think of when they thought of me, it would be, “she had a great sense of humor and an even better drive to succeed.”

    1. Really Sarah? That’s awesome. How did you handle the move? I will be doing that as well, most likely a move across country. I like your legacy as well.


      Hannah Katy

  2. great post! it is funny how you hit that point when you realize that it is time to move on from college. it hit me half- way through the fall of my senior year, but as spring came and the graduation date became a nearer reality, you will start to appreciate all the “last” moments you have…. the “last” friday night out with the girls, the “last” meal at your favorite restaurant in town. and oddly enough, when i thought i was so ready to move on, those “lasts” are some of my favorite memories from college! enjoy it!!!!

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