I am scheduling a phone interview with the creator of the saying, “Everything happens for a reason.”

For the next four days I can be located in the following places: In a lounge chair in my backyard. Curled up in bed. At a table outside of Starbucks. Reading. Four great novels in five days.

But here lies the problem: I am meeting all these wonderful characters and I am seeing them mingle with one another on the pages and instead of being entranced I am bitter. Yes, bitter. I literally want to take out a black Sharpie and cross out a few crucial lines from their interactions to spite them and mess up their story. Because they have something I don’t have right now: Clarity. Understanding. Reason.

In almost every work of literature and with every character the protagonist encounters, we come to understand, whether in first meeting them or after their name has been scattered across hundreds of pages, what their purpose was.

They were created to be a lover, an enemy, a role model, a friend or quite possibly a passerby. But whatever the role they played we learn in reading that they served an intricate purpose in their presence. Or else the author would have never presented the character to us in the first place.

The author leaves us the clues, dropped in between the lines, in order to allow us to answer the big question: why? We understand why he walked into the coffee shop to see her sitting there, nose in a book. We figure out why he pushed her harder than anyone she had ever met. We learn why she left home, never to return, after what he did to her.

In my own life I am beginning to ask this question: Why do we meet certain people? What purpose to they serve?  I guess it is a matter of believing with all of your heart that each person does serve a purpose, that they come into your life for a reason. A Reason That Is Sometimes Obvious. A Reason That Is Sometimes Unclear.Perhaps it is a reason that we are not ready for just yet, one that is waiting to reveal itself to us at a more fitting time.

But I am like that cranky child in the toy store who often makes a guest appearance in my posts… Cranky child would say, “I want to know now! NOW! NOW! NOW!”

I would really love to meet the person who once said “Everything happens for a reason” and proceed to grill them on every encounter they have had in their life. Of course I would not literally interrogate the innocent creator of this quotation, but I think sometimes its (for lack of a better word, or the fact that this one is begging to be put in this sentence) hard to just roll with the punches or hang tight for the reason behind meeting someone. Someone who changes our life. Someone who makes us think a different way. Someone who makes us feel like maybe we need a new color palette for the pictures we paint because the other ones look dull now.

It is even harder when we meet someone and we must be faced with the reality that they were never meant to stay in our storyline. Yes, they may stay in our hearts. Yes, we may think of them and recall a thousand and one memories. But sometimes their name is not the one that was made to come up in every single one of our sentences.

Trust. It is the lesson of the day. I could very easily chalk the lesson up to be one on bitterness, resentment, confusion or sadness. But I think trust fits better. We need to trust ourselves and trust in whatever higher power we believe in that one day we will see the reason. One day we will stop dead in our tracks, encompassed in a moment of reflection, and we will be able to say, “Now I understand.”

Until that point, let’s not wrack our brains over trying to understand or find an answer to the question: why. We will get nowhere. Fast. We simply must wake up and live each day and seek to learn from one another… just as we learn from the characters in our books. Perhaps they already got the answer to their questions… but their stories also have found their ending.

Our book is still wide open and we are mid sentence.

26 thoughts on “I am scheduling a phone interview with the creator of the saying, “Everything happens for a reason.”

  1. Beautifully put, Hannah! You speak so clearly of the things that often trouble my own heart. So many times I get caught up with this WHY question instead of just being patient and waiting. But, it IS so important to trust, and I have been learning this as well. Not that it’s always easy, but it’s a pill I’m having to swallow every day until I get it right. 😉

    1. I am glad to help with matters of your heart, Lisa. And yes, it is a pill that we must swallow every day… But I think in time it becomes easier, and hopefully we see the picture and the plan more clearly.


      Hannah Katy

  2. Great Post. Omnia Causa Fiunt. Everything Happens for a Reason in Latin. It seems so simple. But every time something unfavorable happens we find ourselves cursing fate and the universe and questioning why everything is so out of our own control. But the realization that some things fall apart in order for other things to fall together is easier said than done. In a world where I want everything to be placed in small controllable boxes, appointments and assignments, certain things just don’t fit into the spaces I allot them. And that’s the way it should be. We shouldn’t be able to control everything, because when we can’t is when we learn the most about ourselves. So while we try to control our lives and the people who come in and out of them, we have to try and remind ourselves everyday. Everything really does happen for a reason.

    1. The only matter that I am upset about is the fact that you do not have a blog yourself Carleigh… Oh well, I am lucky to be infused with this knowledge on a daily basis! You are so right.. and you certainly have taught me this very lesson time and time again. It would just be easier if we knew up front, but then where would the mystery in life be I suppose…


      Hannah Katy

      1. What would life be like without any mystery. Knowing exactly what to expect. Preparing our hearts and minds because we would know that defeat would come at 10:15 am, heartbreak at 3:30pm, and joy at 7:15pm. Everything would be easier I suppose, but then again I think everything would also lose it’s impact on us and meaning.

  3. I came across your blog somehow, now following you on twitter, cause you are AMAZING!!! I loved every bit of this post, and think you and an incredible writer, wow!!!!

  4. Okay Hannah, this may be the first time I’m actually saying it on here, but I LOVE you blog. I find myself relating to every single post you put up, and this is yet another great example. You always seem to capture the things that so many of us think about all the time and piece them together in such a way that we all read what you write and say “oh my God, that’s exactly it.” Thank you so much for that! Keep posting & keep trusting–someday we’ll have the answers and know the reasons, and everything will make so much more sense.

    1. Thank you Jenn. It means so much to hear that from you… it is the reason that I do blog and it is so nice to talk about these kinds of things and validate the idea that we are not so alone, even though at times we might feel it. And I look forward to the days when the reason is right there in front of us… when we finally understand it all or at least pieces of it.

      And once again I am so happy that you like my blog. Your comment made my day.


      Hannah Katy

  5. This is definitely a lesson I have to relearn on the daily. It helps me to remember all the small (or big) times when things really did seem to happen for a reason. And when I can’t remember that I just try to remember to breath. 🙂

  6. I love love love your writing! You say things so concisely, yet so beautifully, and help others realize it’s okay to wonder and doubt. Happy Friday, friend!

  7. I HATE the “everything happens for a reason” saying. I prefer “everything will work out in the end.” Sometimes when something really crappy happens – like someone stealing my blackberry last night – I don’t want to think it happened for a REASON! I just want to think it will work out in the end!

  8. I often find myself saying that things do (or do not) happen for a reason but 99% of the time, I have not a clue as to the reason that it did or did not happen. Not a single clue. I just have to trust that it’s the case to get through the painful things, the scary things, the things I cannot explain. I have to trust that something better will be at the end of the hurt and healing.

    Once again, you’ve tapped into my brain with this post, I think!

    1. Agreed. I try to do the same thing… If we are constantly trying to explain things we go absolutely nuts looking for those explanations. No thanks, I am good without that extra stress.

  9. I really, really hope that we do get to the point of saying “Now I understand”, because it sure is frustrating if you’re constantly asking “Why?”.

    1. I have been having a lot of “Now I understand moments” lately so I think the best of times are still yet to come love!

      Thanks for stopping by again.


      Hannah Katy

  10. I’m the same: so often I read the books that have become my favourite because of the seemingly effortless vigour with which they approach their lives, only slightly plagued by the introspection and incessant self-questioning that accompanies my life (and I suspect, if I know you at all occurs for you too). And as for everything happening for a reason? Maybe it does, and maybe it doesn’t. This is another of the platitudes that I try to break down myself.

    Maybe we should just stop. Maybe things do happen for a reason but we have to just let it make the change in our lives without questioning it or needing it to be clearly defined for us as they are in books. And maybe we CAN be like literary heroes and heroines, HK, just be realising we’re only on Chapter 5 and not at our inevitable fantastic epilogue 🙂

    1. Ha ha, I love the way you think Stephen.. And I like the sound of being at Chapter 5… dare us say chapter 4 to snag even more time?

      And yes, sometimes I read books and I want to literally punch the protagonist for solving all their problems and living happily ever after. Hence why I can appreciate an author who leaves some loose ends in their ending..


      Hannah Katy

  11. I’m a firm believer in “Everything happens for a reason.” I know that certain events that I’ve lived through have made me a stronger woman today. And I believe that things I am experiencing now will help mold me into something better in the future.

    And if you find that person who first said “everything happens for a reason,” can you please send them my way?

    kthx. 🙂

    1. Great attitude and positive outlook Kate. I really admire it! And I will be sure to send that person over to you after I am through with them… You can have the second round for sure ha ha.


      Hannah Katy

  12. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. this one really means a lot and i LOVE it. i seem to relate to most of your posts. i wish i had known about them last year..either way they are amazing and always always always make me think. again, you’re an inspiration! love you

    1. Laura! Thank you so much. It always makes me so happy to hear from you and your praise means the world to me. Know that I am always here for you!! I am so happy I could be an inspiration to you love.


      Hannah Katy

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