1,364 Pearls: The final strand of pearls, and the ones that I will always wear after Graduation Day.

1,364 pearls. Of Wisdom. Stemming from 1,364 days spent in this place that quickly became my home : Assumption College. We never dwell in the beginning on how we will change from point A to point B as we turn write the first capital letter to a new chapter in our lives. But this mini series will be a declaration of the lessons I have learned throughout my four years as a college student, away from the textbooks and power point presentations. A dedication to stunning individuals. A memoir to becoming unique. A love story with a place, people and precious pearls of wisdom. A love tale that took 1,364 days to write but would take a thousand more lifetimes to ever forget the moral of the story.

The Final Pearls

Figure out what is on the inside, what you are made of and what makes your heart race, before you go looking outside to fill yourself up.

Life is not measured by the fullness of your resume, but rather the fullness of your heart.

It is o.k. to be lonely. It is actually good to be lonely, to acknowledge your loneliness and sit with it for a while.

At some point people will stop holding your hand. At that moment, trust that you can hold your own.

Some words and phrases get tired. “Thank you,” “I love you,” and “I am here for you,” will never be among them.

If you admire someone, let them know. That person might be needing to hear those words today.

Above all, be kind to people. Some people might try to convince you that being indifferent or malicious will actually get you somewhere, but it will never make you happy.

Karma does exist. Send your best intentions into the world, and watch as it comes back to you. But be careful with sending out negative energy, it will most certainly double back.

When the “Check Engine” light of your car goes on, it is not just another “pretty light” on the dashboard. Seriously. Get the engine checked out…

Never let go of people who make smiling effortless and laughing seem as frequent as breathing.

Allow people to be reckless if they want to. But don’t let them be reckless with things that matter to you: your spirit, your dreams and most importantly, you heart.

Speaking of hearts, at some point you will be faced with the choice of putting yourself out there with the potential of having your heart broken. Decide whether you want to stand off and keep a whole heart that lacks the filling of someone else, or if you want to risk it and buy super glue, in case you find yourself in pieces.

Coffee will get you through any day or any night. Trust me on this one.

People are going to be mean, that is the way that life works. Don’t allow them to belittle your goals…Just keep on doing what your doing.

Always check the laundry basket before you do the load of whites. One red sock will give you a dazzling pink wardrobe.

If you find yourself searching for happiness have the courage to sit down and look at your life. When you figure out the reason for your unhappiness, have the courage to change it.

Don’t ever skip out on meeting someone new just because you think you will be leaving sometime soon. Short or long, the presence of someone else has the possibility to change you forever.

If you want to dance then dance! If you want to sing then sing!

Life is to short to not act on impulse at times.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, in this life is guaranteed (no matter how much you plan and organize).

Find time to turn off your cell phone and just be. Sit in the silence for a few moments and bask in the wonders of this lifetime.

Good love stories don’t only have to exist on movie screens and in great novels; don’t ever stop believing that love can transpire in a coffee shop.

I said it before but it is worth saying twice: Be good to people, you will never know how your treatment towards them will impact you in the long run.

Everyone wants validation, grab a spoon today and dish a little out.

Send handwritten notes every once in a while.

Understand that sometimes people are not meant to fit into your life, but trust that the space you made for them in your heart will be filled by someone even better.

Act like a little kid when the moment presents itself: Catch snowflakes on your tongue and blow bubbles. Skip and jump in puddles.

Invest in a really good pair of rain boots if you are living in New England.

Map out your goals and fix your eyes on certain prizes.

You can give up on your dreams if you want, but understand that two things might happen if you choose to put them down: 1) You may never have the courage to pick them back up again. 2) Someone else will come along and will have no problem stealing them from you.

Sometimes retail therapy is absolutely necessary; never doubt the ways in which a new pair of jeans can seriously lift your spirits.

And on the topic of jeans: Find a pair that make you feel good, real good, like “Ready to tackle the world” good.

And while your at it, find a dress that makes you feel beautiful, stunning, remarkable. Like “Rose on the Titanic” remarkable or “Cinderella at the ball” beautiful.

Take a lot of pictures, or jump in a lot of pictures. Either way, have something to hold on to that says, ” I was there.”

Leave behind a legacy so that you are not left behind yourself.

Treat your body nice but treat yourself sometimes (that chocolate cake and ice cream is not going to kill you).

Have the courage to change things about yourself, if you feel in your heart that it will make you happier.

People are going to tell you that life is all about thinking with your head; in that case, show them your heart.

No one gets anywhere without leaps of faith, so start stretching baby.

Stop every once in a while and just appreciate your existence in this world. Someone took the time to make you, and that is very special.

Its been heard a thousand times before but it is so true: People will never remember the things that you did, but they will always remember the way you made them feel.

Absorb the material in your classes; be a real student, raise your hand and ask questions.

If you are ever down on believing in yourself and your purpose, read Paulo Coelho:  “So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you,” “Everything tells me that I am about to make a wrong decision, but making mistakes is just part of life. What does the world want of me? Does it want me to take no risks, to go back to where I came from because I didn’t have the courage to say “yes” to life?” “The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.”

Find the things in this life that fire you up and call you to be passionate, don’t EVER let those things out of your sight.

Time will be a lot of things to you in this lifetime: a blessing, a curse, a saving grace, a wonder, but it won’t ever be your best friend.

When you reach the end of a chapter in your life, don’t look back and regret things, simply place down the final point of punctuation and begin anew.

Graduation on Saturday…. Hello World, You have looked so pretty from a distance but I am so ready to finally shake your hand and see your gorgeousness up close.

31 thoughts on “1,364 Pearls: The final strand of pearls, and the ones that I will always wear after Graduation Day.

  1. Hannah,

    Even though I don’t really know you, I live a completely different life and attend a different college, I just wanted to say that this post was so inspiring. It relates so well with everything that I have gone through, I wish I had the abilities to write and express myself like this. You are an amazing writer!

    Soon, I will be returning back to the states, where my life is a complete mystery. I’m sure you have heard this from Celia, but being here is so different, almost like a dream that lasts for 4 months. Life at home has gone on without me and returning back, where all my friends have changed and unconsciously forgotten about me, scares me. After reading your post, it gives me hope that even though things have changed at home, I can find a new path to happiness.

    When I return back to school, I am going to print out this blog post and hang it on my wall where all great things go. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the world! 🙂

    1. Jenny,

      I have heard so many good things about you from Celia. I am so thankful that she met someone as great as you abroad! Thank you for the sweet compliments as well.

      I am so glad that this post is helping you prepare to tackle the transition back home. And trust me, I think it will definitely be scary and strange to head back home but I think you will find in no time that you will be caught up with everything that has happened and it will be like you never left, and you will always be able to hold that time in Prague so close to you. It is amazing that you got the abroad experience and just think about all the amazing things you have learned, and felt, and seen abroad and how many more meaningful conversations and story starters you have now… Lord knows I am still learning so much from my friends who went abroad..

      Don’t worry about your heading home. I can say almost certainly that you will be welcomed with open arms. Soak up the last few days in Prague. Send Celia my love. And thank you again.


      Hannah Katy

  2. It’s almost like you read my mind. In my office, I printed out some really inspiring and motivating quotes and framed them, and my boss just came into my office and asked me to make some for the whole office. That’s 35 quotes to find, jazz up, and display. I think I just found at least half in this post, and I’m sure I’ll find the rest in your archives 🙂

    “At some point people will stop holding your hand. At that moment, trust that you can hold your own” is very important as well as “People are going to be mean, that is the way that life works. Don’t allow them to belittle your goals…Just keep on doing what you’re doing.” And “Be good to people, you will never know how your treatment towards them will impact you in the long run.”

    All so VERY, very true!

  3. All very true. I wish I had been more of an “active participant” in classes earlier in my college career, but hey, if I hadn’t “wasted” my time, I would have cost myself so many friendships, run-ins, and stories that I fondly recall.

  4. It seems like you already know more than a lot of people do when they graduate college – don’t ever lose your outlook on life!

  5. Oh, I might have to steal some of these to print out and put around my room to inspire me. My favorite is probably, “At some point people will stop holding your hand. At that moment, trust that you can hold your own.” I think I’ve learned this lesson throughout this semester and it’s a scary concept. But I found that I can hold my own hand and succeed.

    So proud of you and inspired by you! Awesome job!

  6. Amazing. I definitely teared up a little. I’m kind of a huge baby, but you’re also extremely wise. So there.
    These are the things that you should be learning in college, in life, everyday and it makes me sad for the people who don’t or let ‘real life’ force these lessons out of their hearts. I feel like this is almost a guidebook for day to day living, you know? Almost every single point resonated with me on a personal level. It definitely shows me that we are not all as alone as we think we are, either. You have a brilliant and vibrant heart, that much is obvious and thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. Ah you are amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you love! And I agree with you, it is really sad that people stop believing in these little things.. Real life gets in the way they say, but these lessons have taught me the basis of happiness.. and that to me is real life, or the best foundation possible.


      Hannah Katy

  7. There is a wealth of wisdom in this post. I am so impressed by you. Looking forward to seeing the great things that you accomplish now that you’ve been unleashed into the big, bad world. It’s a jungle out there, but something tells me you’re going to be just fine. Better than fine. Something tells me you’re going to thrive.

    1. Lucy, thank you so much. That means a great deal to hear.. I am becoming more confident in leaving this place and it is thanks to people like you who help me to believe in myself more fully.


      Hannah Katy

  8. These lessons learned in college? Ring so true to life. And they were all things I learned while there, too.

    Happy graduation! Congratulations on this HUGE accomplishment!

  9. ok, just when i had thought i had a favorite post from you, you go and post another even more wonderful post! this was just what i needed on this friday morning 🙂 ❤

  10. You could be a model, just saying.

    I wonder if I have a dress that makes me feel “Cinderella at the ball”-ish. I’ll have to check 🙂

    Great list! Adorable photos. Good luck tomorrow; enjoy every minute of it!

    1. Thank you Nora! I am going to do my best to make the most of it! I still cannot believe it is actually happening.

      And you check your closet! You are too sweet, don’t really think model is in the cards for me ha ha but thank you!


      Hannah Katy

  11. Your graduation? That is so amazing! Yes world will be different but reading your post here, you’re already grown up to face it 🙂

    Love that bits about not fearing on being lonely. I’ve been thinking about that for a while.

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