Physique 57 stole my heart before any guy could. Yikes. (And they are offering a free trial!)

I pity the person who asks me about my workout because I absolutely adore gushing over strength training techniques and protein shakes. Way more than the “lunks” at Planet Fitness

But many of you did so brace yourself.

In a nutshell my workout consists of a playground ball between my legs, some hip swings and a ballet barre. No, but seriously, it really does. And it works better than anything I have ever tried before.

No, I am not given anything to endorse this program, I am just a firm believer in giving credit where it is due. And today I am stronger, leaner and much happier- thanks to Physique 57.

Physique 57 is a cardiovascular program that uses body weight resistance and interval training to sculpt the entire body, targeting the abdominal muscles, thighs, butt and arms specifically. There is some kind of magical mystery in this program (I am convinced) but the secret is on that has been around for ages: First, the muscles are worked to the point of overload, too fatigued to do any more reps but then stretched out for muscle relief. And as the teachers would say, “that is how we build the muscle.”

If you are hesitant to trust me then simply look at Kelly Ripa. We were all wondering where her amazing biceps and she finally proclaimed to the world that it was this very program.

When I first began doing Physique I was wondering how exactly I was getting better results from this program than anything I had ever tried before. I was floored by the impact that Physique 57 was having on my body—giving me tons of energy, making me leaner and slimmer by the day and giving me a full body tone that was all lean definition and no bulk.

But this is exactly why the program works…. Physique 57 is a revamped version of the Lotte Berk technique. The late Lotte Berk was a dancer all her life and came up with a form of

Photo taken from

exercise for women that was actually quite controversial back in the 60s. An intense mixture of pilates, yoga and body weight training, the Lotte Berk method improves flexibility and strength and targets the growth of muscle tissue—more effective at burning calories than fatty tissue.

And therein lies the secret. We are fed this idea all the time that losing fat is all about cardiovascular workouts. But think about this for a moment: Muscle tissue burns more than fat tissue. The more muscle tissue we have, the more calories burned. Well, Physique builds muscle tissue and as a result more calories are burned. Hence the fat loss and muscle tone that this program offers (Yes, I am excited that I just got to give you a little bit of my soon to be personal trainer knowledge).

And you might head over to the site and question it because at first glance it looks like a “dainty dancer’s cop out excuse for a workout.” But when I say workout, I mean WORK OUT. I kid you not, this program will leave you panting, sweating and practically gripping the chair in agony. But you will feel phenomenal and accomplished after you are done, you will feel the burn all day long. This is the first program that I have tried that I can actually feel working while I am doing it. It is as if I could feel someone chiseling away at my abs or sculpting my arms with an ice pick. That is how intense this program is.

Right now Physique 57 is offering a FREE 30 day trial (I happened to notice it as I went onto the site to get pictures). And you will get these three DVDs with the trial:

1 57-minute Full Body Workout– Works the entire body (especially the arms). Gets you out of the mode of doing girly push-ups and really targets your butt and thighs.

1 30-minute Full Body Express– Not so much focus on the biceps this time but it is a great workout for your butt and thighs especially. By the end of the 30-minutes you will know the true meaning to the word “thigh dancing.”

1 30-minute Abs and Arms Booster– My favorite. Every time I go for this one I am left nearly crying because I can feel it in my abs so much. Be ready to feel your body shake like never before.

You also need a sturdy chair, a set of 3-5 pound arm weights (trust me, it might not seem like a lot of weight but it will feel like it during this workout), and a playground ball (Walmart- $3).

I do this program about four times a week and the amazing thing about it is that you never plateau. I have been doing Physique for six months now and my body continues to get into better shape, my muscles have stayed defined and my energy levels are unlike ever before.

I knew I could not resist telling you about this (I am practically over here jumping up and down like a little child seeing the ice cream truck)… plus several of you asked where I got my arms from and it is thanks to these ladies! And what is the harm in doing the trial?! I don’t think you will be disappointed by it.

Any lovers of this program out there? Now that I have shared one of my workout secrets, share with me one of yours… And definitely let me know if you try out Physique.

29 thoughts on “Physique 57 stole my heart before any guy could. Yikes. (And they are offering a free trial!)

  1. First off, I must say, I’m a little intimidated of the “gun show”.

    Normally I do chest & tri’s one day, back & bi’s the second, shoulders & forearms the third and abs the fourth.

    As of late, I laid off days 3 & 4 and you can definitely tell.

    And more recently, I have cut out chest (due to health reasons), shoulders, forearms and back all-together, so I’m left doing bi’s & tri’s on back to back days. I participate in an athletic activity (softball/basketball) 2-3 nights a week.

    With Monday being a holiday, I plan on getting back on track with back/shoulders/forearms/abs, but we will see…

    1. Sounds like a pretty solid routine. I wish you luck for Monday… There was time when I had no clue that abs could not be worked every single day.. I have found that alternating my abs routine have made them that much stronger. I like your set up though. And don’t worry I won’t talk your ear off about fitness, though I could probably talk for days.

      And don’t be intimidated by the “gun show,” it’s that feminist in me coming out.. ha ha just kidding.


      Hannah Katy

      1. Audrey: I do it all through the DVDs. I am looking to one day take a few classes at the actual studio but I decided to try it out in my own home and I am thankful that I did. It’s a great feeling to walk downstairs, pop in a disc and be ready to work out.


        Hannah Katy

  2. WHOA. Awesome recommendation! My husband is doing p90x right now and loves it. So far, I have only tried the yoga workout with him, which was just average for me, but I’m a yogi 😉 This workout plan looks right up my alley! I just might have to investigate. Stay tuned!

    1. Ah definitely let me know! I will be so excited to hear ha ha. I am a yogi as well and I found that this program really fit into that routine; there is a lot of stretching out of the muscles. The thing that I love about this program is that is not that neck-breaking pace cardio that makes you want to kill yourself half way through. It is slow and controlled but veryyy intense. And I have heard some awesome things about p90x, I just got to this one first. Let me know.


      Hannah Katy

  3. I am really intrigued now, especially seeing your arms! I want to give this a try! (As a side note, I think my arms are the weakest part of my body!) One of my current goals is to get my life on a healthier track, especially since I’ve always been a very sporadic exerciser. I started at the beginning of May with the 30 Day Shred, and while I do like it, I was already looking around for other work outs to try next. I did see some results with the Shred but not to the degree that I was looking for, given that I worked out for (almost) 30 days straight! I’m definitely going to check out that web site.

    1. Check it out. It is such a great workout that I start to wonder where I was before Physique. I had the shred book but didn’t get very far.. I don’t know it felt like it was tougher to motivate myself on that program.. Do let me know if you decide to try it out, I would love to know.


      Hannah Katy

  4. Those arms! You have Kelly Ripa arms! I want Kelly Ripa arms!

    I’m seriously thinking of buying these DVD’s. It may be a new challenge for me, once the 30 Day Shred is done. Hm…

    1. Do it, do it, do it! You will not regret it. And the workouts are wicked fun, I have a great time doing them.. My roommates and I loved sharing the routines.


      Hannah Katy

  5. I am SO glad you wrote this post! I kid you not, I will print out this post at school and save it for when I get back to the U.S, so I can live by it religiously haha! Love and miss you – oh and great pic! 🙂

    1. Miss you so much. Hope London is treating you nicely love. I cannot wait to hear the great stories, coffee date for sure when you get home!


      Hannah Katy

  6. Okay…so I’m a bit confused to be honest haha. Not by the greatness that seems to be your new workout routine, but by the 30 day trial. Do you normally have to pay a monthly fee for P-57? Or is it just “start-up” costs that you pay for? So basically what does the 30 day free trial get you is my question…. do you get to borrow the DVDs for 30 days then return them?

    1. Yes. You have the DVDs sent to you and if you don’t like them then you return them within 30 days. Otherwise they will bill you. Does that make sense? I am not so good at relaying “30 Day Free Trial Offers” ha ha.


      Hannah Katy

  7. Holy Biceps, Batman!

    Thanks for the awesome recommendation! I will have to try this out – always looking for better ways to tone up.


    1. You totally should! I could talk about it for days (I can see my friends sighing and putting their heads down right about now) But it really is a great program.


      Hannah Katy

  8. Hi there,
    This is great info. I too just started Physique 57 about 3 weeks ago. I’m seeing some results already. Just wondering are you doing anything else besides Physique 57 (ie. running, cardio, yoga?).

    1. Hi there,

      Glad to see that you are liking the program! And its always great to get results. I do strength training on the side like lifting weights at the gym. I treat Physique like it is my cardio, so I will strength train on the off days. And from time to time I will do some interval training, i.e. running or biking. I always love trying new things out so my workouts are always shifting to keep me from getting bored and to keep my body from plateauing.


      Hannah Katy

  9. holy crap woman! you look so fit. would love those arms right about now…. 🙂 i’ll have to check it out.
    if you are at all interested in adding another little workout, try 8 minute abs on youtube. i swear my abs shrunk while doing it every morning. (i love to give credit where it’s due too.)

  10. Hi! Great results!! I have P57 and plan on incorporating them into my routine.

    Quick question…when you say you lift on alternate days do you do a split heavy routine or a endurance-based full body routine?



    1. Hi Nancy:

      When I lift on the alternate days I do endurance-based full body. I will do an abs circuit, hams-glutes-hips circuit, then a circuit alternating upper and lower. Hope that helps.


      Hannah Katy

  11. Um… wow. I know I am a little late to this post but Samantha posted it on someone’s blog comments in and I had to check it out. Your arms are amazing! I am seriously going to check this out. I can’t even believe it. I love your review and the picture!!

  12. Hi there,
    I just got my p57 DVDs. I did the 57min full body workout but didnt finish the entire. I was already shaking after 10 mins and felt all the burning. I just want to know how did u survive ur first week of doing this workout. It was intense but I am really looking forward doing it again tomorrow. Thanks for ur blog anyways 🙂

  13. What is the schedule you use for the DVDs? I have the classic 57, express 30, arm and an booster, and thigh and seat booster. I’m not sure how to use them. I have heard they can get boring after a while. I’m open to suggestions. Thanks!

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