Hannah Katy Goes Emily Jane: Round 2

Hello all:

Hope the week is treating you well. Case of the Wednesdays? Just push yourself over the hump and then treat yourself to happy hour on me! 

If you are looking for me,  today I am over at Emily-Jane.net  tackling my my feelings towards dating sites. (Yikes). I am absolutely honored to be blogging for this lovely lady while she is away. Although this is my second time guest blogging for her, Emily is just one of those people that I would write 1,001 guest blog posts and then some. She is such a rarity in this world, has been such a mentor to me in the blogging world,  and I am so lucky to have made her such a close friend. So hop on over and let me know what you think! Enjoy!

We were sharing awkward love stories like giddy children trading Silly Bands.

I told him about the time I fell for a boy who liked Dave Matthews Band better than breathing. I gave up sleep to study the lyrics of Mr. Matthews and memorized the backs of every one of his albums just so the boy might talk to me.

He told me about having an entire relationship – start to finish – over the internet.

“How do you feel about dating sites?” I asked. “The world’s favourite statistic these days is that 1 out of every 5 relationships begin online.”

“I don’t like them,” he replies. His words master a tone of nonchalance. “I think it takes an element away from meeting someone for the first time. There is no spontaneity to meeting someone through a dating site.”

My ears perk up… Continue reading over here.


Hannah Katy

7 thoughts on “Hannah Katy Goes Emily Jane: Round 2

  1. Ooo I loved this one. I think another potential caveat to your spontaneous meeting is that you may have already had it–what if someone who is now a great friend someday becomes a great love? It happened to me, and even though our initial meeting wasn’t romantically charged, waking up one morning (literally) to realize I was in love with him was pretty spontaneous!

    1. Okay, Michelle’s comment made me laugh out loud because this exact same thing just happened to one of my best friends.

      Whether you’ve met him yet or not, I most certainly believe your “how we met” story will surpass most 😉


  2. THANK YOU for posting on my site!You don’t know what finding your blog did for me on a personal level as well as a writer’s level. We are definitely soul sisters. I can’t imagine finding a more inspirational writer and someone who loves NY as much as I do:) Your interests, need for doing good works, and complete personality mimics me to a mirror. I felt like I stepped into a bookstore and opened up a book to see a complete mirror as I read your words.

    That is a true rarity and we must definitely meet once I move. Please pray for me, if you pray, on getting into NYU. I apply in September. What are you moving to do there? I’m so happy to see that you are. I moved this time last year. It is beautiful this time of year. I would love to hear more and how you got the opportunity. You are a lucky lady!:) Email me and let me know where you found an apartment! I’d love to hear more<3

    Thanks for following me! I'm definitely following you!:)

    Love and Grace, Heart and Soul<3

    Heather McClees

  3. Thank you SO much for guest blogging for me while I was away. You are always top of my list and I’m honoured to have your beautiful words grace my little page 🙂

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