Perhaps blogs cannot blow out candles but they can certainly wear party hats and make wishes.

“Do you understand how there could be any writing in a spider’s web?”
Oh, no,” said Dr Dorian. “I don’t understand it. But for that matter I don’t understand how a spider learned to spin a web in the first place. When the words appeared, everyone said they were a miracle. But nobody pointed out that the web itself is a miracle.”

Charlotte’s Web

This time last year I was surrounded by a clutter of Christmas decor, volunteer applications for my year of service, empty coffee cups already branding their rings upon the table, and a few of the girls in my life who have my heart pretty much memorized.

I can list to you the things I knew in that very moment: One) I did not have any clue where I wanted to go after graduation. Two) I was really very happy in the moment with these good friends of mine(though its easy now to think I took it for granted). Three) I did not want to be a blogger.

Blogger. The very word made me shiver. Sent me fleeting for the nearest pillow to shove my face into so that I could scream shrilly without alarming my roommates. I never set out to be a blogger. And when I started out, I knew for that reason, I would never be good at blogging.

The first few posts felt quite similar to an old home movie where a little girl with a head full of curls anxiously tries to jam a plastic Jelly onto her foot. It would not fit. No matter how hard she tugged and pulled, the world around the little girl knew- the perfect pink Jelly would not fit.

It was not until one of the Memorizers of my Heart felt the Harsh Words of Mean Girls did I feel prompted to use my blog, my icky sticky blog, to write something to console her. And in that moment of stitching stories & sentiments together to give to a dear friend, I became hooked on the idea of using my words to Spin Together the Feelings We All Sometimes Have. The ones for which we proclaim, “there are no words.”

For a girl who adores words more than pumpkin pie and hot apple cider, I find it very hard to articulate what this year of writing at As Simple as That has meant to me. This blog has become my very own nook of goodness on the web, a place that I have turned to time and time again in the past 365 days, only to find that you have never turned away. When I think of the web its no longer some abysmal hole of information tied together by http://www.’s and .com’s but rather a spiderweb of remarkable people who bare their souls to the world on a daily basis. Through a post. Through a comment. Through a thought. Through a word. Webs. Webs. Brilliant Webs.

I really must say to anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis and grows nervy over the thought of writing their own blog, do it. Absolutely, 100%, no questions asked, do it. Is that even a question? I am practically jumping up and down, using this blog as a trampoline, to push you to start lacing stories. Testing your Passions.

If I will one day tell my children that there was a moment that changed me for the good and for the better, it was the day I realized that your heart can have a place on the internet, that you don’t need a niche to make yourself grow, that you can start your own drumbeat when the world just doesn’t give you one that you can lay your hands to. That you can meet strangers over a computer screen and let them surprise you, as they become some of your greatest comforts at the end of the longest days.

It has become somewhat a cliche of my own to use but I do believe that there are people in this world who make “thank you” seem like too small of a word. You are those people to me. Thank you for reading. Thank you for giving me that first comment. Thank you for being mentors to me in the “blogosphere.”Thank you for showing me just how beauty looks with a .com attached. Thank you for writing love letters and doing so much more than that. Thank you for giving me stories to share. Thank you for always sending a text message after every post, without fail, to give me your feedback (Car- that one is for you).

But one last thank you, perhaps it could be the only one. Thank you for making it clearly undeniable that all of you, the web and the life of this site, are the miracle at hand.

Here’s to a wonderful year of what I would like to call soul-searching upon a page. Without you, I would have never found the words. Because of you, I am left without more words to say.




19 thoughts on “Perhaps blogs cannot blow out candles but they can certainly wear party hats and make wishes.

  1. So per usual I already texted you how great I think this post is but a comment can never hurt. First of all, Thank You, for allowing your words to be put out into cyberspace and touch so many hearts. I know that there are tons of people who turn to your blog for beautifully written words, and stories and posts that touch their hearts. Second, just a friendly reminder of how much you are capable of. Look at how many people in just one year have stopped by your blog in a year. It’s absolutely incredible. I can’t say it enough. Lastly, thank you for the inspiration you provide me and so many others every day. Love you. Miss you.

    1. Car:

      You take up all the space in my heart with your warmth and your compassion towards me. I cannot say thank you enough to you, seriously, probably would have stopped blogging long ago if it was not for you.

  2. Blogging was always this scary big daunting task before until one day I just sat down to write. I’m so glad that I found your blog. Your words never fail to amaze me and your writing is absolutely brilliant. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and a part of yourself with us.

  3. This post came at a perfect time for me. I’m back at school after break but less than 24 hours ago my friends and I were sitting around a table at a diner and they were bugging me about when my next post was. And I felt good knowing someone always looks forward to that.

    I definitely look forward to your posts. It’s saved me from what could have been a repeat of a depressing year, a downward spiral that I couldn’t have gotten myself out of had I not found my voice. Had I not realized that words have power. Your words have shown me that, and I’m so very thankful that you’re continually devoted to writing and sharing your insights with the world, because it honestly gives me hope knowing selfless people like yourself exist.

  4. Awwwww, I absolutely LOVE this!!! I think there’s both positives and negatives associated with social networking sites, and you definitely summed up the goods. I’ve met some absolutely amazing people through blogging, and I can’t even describe how much my blog has helped me through difficult times. I think blogging is a beautiful thing, and I feel so blessed to be a part of this community.

  5. THANK YOU for being so inspiring in each and every post. I don’t know how I would have ever gotten through my 8 hour plane ride to Italy without your entire blog in my hands. Honestly. Just incredible dear.

  6. oh hug!!

    thank you for giving us a fresh dose of passion in the morning with our coffees!!! It certainly beats the hell out of dreary, morbid newspapers that tell you the world is burning everyday, that’s for sure. You have a gift for writing Hannah Katy!! Continue to share it with the world, that is your blessing.

    hug hug hug hug!!

  7. A year? It seems to me that you’ve been writing much longer than that because you’re so eloquent and fabulous with posting! I love it =) Here’s to another year and then more after that…!

  8. It does seem like one year is an awfully small number of years – I have to echo what both Nora and Jon Michael said, you have an INCREDIBLE gift and it seems like you’ve been writing forever and ever. Thank you for being such an amazing part of this awesome web we share 🙂

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