Dear 2011, We have our Bright Yellow Knickers on and we are coming right at ya….

It would be too simple to cast the blame on my mother for this holiday season’s most embarrassing moment. Far Too Simple. So I am opting to blame Venezuela instead.

That’s right, Venezuela. I’m not so fooled by you, sitting so smug and innocent right between Brazil & Colombia. You are the very reason that my whole entire family ripped through the wrapping paper at the same exact moment on Christmas morning to find a pair of yellow underwear, as if we were going to match as quaintly as the Duggar Family. It was you, Venezuela. All you!

My new pair of yellow knickers  is proof that if you give my mother “Google” she will unearth some crazy South American superstition to help ring in the New Year more efficiently.

 This year’s tradition comes straight from Venezuela where the people of the country wear yellow underwear on New Year’s Eve to bring them good luck in the twelve months ahead. Perhaps we think its a bit crazy but we are the ones running around frantically making lists to change our lives at the stroke of midnight. As if our will power and years of habits will suddenly shift on the first of January.

I have never been a big fan when it comes to New Year’s. You can string me up with Christmas lights or set me loose in a yard on an Easter Egg Hunt but the old famous anthem of the New Year has always picked a strange cord with me.

1999-2000, now that was bound to be a good New Year. I can still remember putting down my Titanic picture book an hour before midnight, positioning the Y2K hat on my head and sitting before a buffet of crackers and orange juice. Waiting. Waiting for the world toend. I kid you not, I was absolutely giddy over the prospect of the clocks and computers malfunctioning and the world turning to darkness. I even went so far as to bake a Y2K cake for all of my friends. Can you tell that I was extremely popular?

 So back to that Yellow Pair of Knickers…

Many of us will be carrying suitcases full of resolutions into the New Year. Hopefully some of us will decide to leave some baggage behind as well. I claim to not like New Year’s Resolutions but I know that come 11:59p.m., while singles at the bars will be searching for a make out fellow for midnight, I will be searching my head for the Resolutions I would like to stick with for at least the first two weeks of January. If I look at the bright side of the New Year, it is a pretty good thing. The chance to start over at the sounding of twelve chimes, the freshness that floats in the air as we all open our new agenda books or take that first run of 2011. The Possibility of Change is always a good thing.

But this year I have decided to carry only one word into the New Year. One single word that I hope will carry me through 365 days and leave me better because of it. Now, I technically get two words because my Yellow Knickers count for Luck. But Luck, she needs a faithful companion. A traveller to snuggle with throughout the Cold Nights of January. The Arrow-Stricken Days of February. The Lucky Mornings of March. The Teary-Eyed Afternoons of April. Luck will need a confidante to share her Memories with in May. Her Juicy Gossip in June. Her Jesterly Jokes in July. Yes, yes, Luck will need a best friend to run through the sprinkler with in August. Sip Sweet Cider with in September. Carve Pumpkins with in October. Keep Carving til November, but this time a Turkey. And Christmas Carol with in December.

And maybe Luck & her buddy will have to part ways at the end of 2011, when the last day crawls to the front of the calendar. Or maybe they will reel in another Friend and form a 2012 Trio.

Picking the word to accompany Luck in the New Year was no easy task. I now know how the Bachelor feels with all those roses. I sorted through Confidence, Craziness & Comfort. I grappled with Resilience, Responsibility & Radiance. I tried on Elation, Ecstasy & Excellence. And I almost picked Laughter. Laughter, you were runner-up. But I settled on Serendipity.

Serendipity will be the Groom to my Luck this year.

Serendipity, one of my favorite words! The act of finding something valuable & delightful when you are not even looking for it. What a grand theme for 2011!

Thankfully the Luck & Serendipity are so compatible by nature, figured that one out without even employing the help of eHarmony. Everyone knows there is a little Luck in Serendipity already. But isn’t that the secret to great lovers? My pal Rumi knew it best, that great lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, they are in each other all along. Oh, Serendipity & Luck, welcome to sweet, sweet matrimony. My wedding gift to you two love birds is a calendar full of open spaces for you to play & gush & sing all day long.

So my friends, I wish you a wonderful New Year’s Celebration. To the singles at the bar, I hope you find the lips of an angel to pucker with at midnight. To the Resolutionaries, I make a great cheerleader. Here’s to a year full to the brim of Excitement & Spontaneity. Yellow Knickers. Love. Lessons. & Pearls, Pearls, Pearls. Pearls of Wisdom at every turn.

Now, if you will excuse me I have to introduce a dashing couple, Serendipity & Luck, to a brand New Year and reward my match making skills with a mimosa.

Now it is your turn, what “one word” will you carry into the New Year with you?

P.S. Don’t bother looking at the GAP, they don’t sell Yellow Knickers. H&M is a safe bet.

19 thoughts on “Dear 2011, We have our Bright Yellow Knickers on and we are coming right at ya….

  1. In Italy, it’s red underwear! ha. Enjoy those yellow ones!

    Glad to see you chose Serendipity as your word. I’ve been having quite the friendship with that word in life and in songs recently. So I couldn’t have paired a better word with luck. I got good feelings for this year–lots of them.

    Happy New Year Hannah!

      1. Libby… Thank you for giving me great inspiration to write this post. Our conversation, pre-new year really pumped me up… Start singing Diddy’s “Coming Home” would ya??

  2. girl, how can you be so hilarious and yet so brilliant in one fell swoop? it’s quite unbelievable. this is probably one of my top 5 favorite posts of yours, hands down. and i too will make sure to stop by my local forever 21 (methinks they would at least have yellow knickers with…sequins?!) to ring in the new year! and this post is also quite odd, i too was realizing serendipity was one of my favorite words. that lady serendipity always seems to cause some glorious mischief, doesn’t she? i’m not complaining, i’m quite enjoying it 🙂

    and i hope she brings you lots of enjoyable serendipity and mischief in the new year girl, resolution or not 🙂

    1. You are wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. I think I say this all the time but you should probably know it at every hour of the day. Your reading, and comments, mean the world to me.

      Serendipity is a beautiful word, I do agree. It holds so much possibility…

  3. I have been debating throughout the week, whether setting a resolution or not was a good plan. I feel I’m like you in that I claim not to like resolutions, and yet I am constantly making them. I guess I’ve never seen NYE as any better a time to try to create change in my life than any other day, but I suppose the question should be is it any WORSE a day to try to change for a day than another? A few years ago I started the tradition for myself of setting “spiritual resolutions” the first week of Advent (the start of the liturgical year).

    Anyway, I think my word for this year will be “follow.” I have spent the last few years trying to lead my own life and find my own path, but I think, or at least hope, that I’m ready to “follow” that perfect path God already has planned for me.

    1. I am on a similar path, hoping this year will be one where I can clear out the clutter in my heart to allow God some space to ruminate and change me for the better.. Happy New Year!

  4. Yet again I will be bookmarking one of your posts and sharing it with friends, family and co-workers. You are amazing and I am so thankful to call you my friend. Love you Mami!

    1. Let’s be real, I would be major struggles without you. Major Struggles. Miss you so much already, but time will fly and we will be together again… perhaps apartment hunting?? Nudge nudge.

  5. Okay this is hilarious because I literally heard about this tradition on the news tonight! Here’s wishing you all the luck and serendipity you can stand in 2011!

  6. Hi Hannah, thank you so much for the new years wish! I hope the same for you. You are one of those rare gems that truly deserve all of the happiness in the world. I wanted to let you know that I was going through your blog and I found your post about feminism. It really touched my heart and it was strange to read because it felt like I could have written it myself. I am a passionate feminist and actually the president of my campus’ feminist club (imagine the assumptions that brings!) I have heard all of the stereotypes, jokes and insults that come with feminism and all I try to tell people is what you said in your post–that feminism is about believing in another world for women; a world where women are safe and free. The atrocities that women endure all over the world–especially in a place like the Congo, is unbelievable. I don’t see how people can look at statistics on human trafficking, poverty or violence and say that we are living in a post-feminist world. I am so glad that there are people like you who feel the same way. ❤

    1. Teddi:

      Sometimes I feel like you and I have very similar hearts that beat for the same things.. I was reading through old posts just the other night and I stumbled on that post again and you came to my head. Which is funny because it was before you even left this comment. I really admire your fierce passion for feminism on a global scale. It is truly remarkable. Hold tight to that lady, it is a gift. There needs to be more people like you!

  7. I adore the fact that you got yellow knickers. And I adore even more that you’ve chosen simply to allow these two words to carry you through the new year. Luck is an interesting one, because by nature it’s out of our control… but also think it likes to accompany big wishers and dreamers, making itself known the more you put out into the universe. Serendipity is a great match, too. Which reminds me, I still have yet to see that movie 🙂

    Have a fantastic 2011, and I cannot wait to see all the places your two companions will take you 🙂

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