A guru at equipping souls with a Simultaneous Sense of Eating, Praying & Loving, once wrote that we cannot expect to win the lottery if we don’t first buy the ticket.

I spent two years stealing love notes from my brother’s bedroom just to admire the handwriting styles of his girlfriend.

I may or may not have contemplated stapling the letters to my trendy Unicorn sweaters of the time and wearing them around with my jacket unzipped. Not to expose any juicy secrets, of course, but  to show people what eloquent handwriting looked like. The kind of stuff Hallmark Illustrators gnaw on for breakfast.

Instead, being the slightly neurotic ten-year-old that I was, I took out my Lisa Frank planner and scheduled a time slot from 4-5p.m., Monday thru Friday.

Handwriting Practice.

Yes, yes. While other girls read Tiger Beat Magazine and gushed over the Backstreet Boys, I holed myself up in my bedroom, unfolding love letters from their paper football form, to master the technique behind a round & full lowercase “a” and the precise swoop of an uppercase “Y”.  The anticipation of one day seeing these same delicate letters parade on my very own book reports and love notes was enough to keep me diligent for two entire years. Close to 300 hours or so of handwriting practice.

I’ve grown up keeping this notion closer to me than I would my purse on a packed subway car: If we want something then we need to work hard for it. Every Single Day. Every Single Day we carve out time for that Dream of ours. We don’t merely coo at it or coddle it, we bring it into this world. Loud & Rapturous.

I also grew up cursing the God who put a great deal of distance between Point A & Point B.

Why not connect them closer, God? Why not give me what I want right this very moment? It would probably make His Sky High To-Do List much shorter. More manageable.

It would be much easier this way, if we could pick up our deepest desires from the racks of the department store & plop them into a cart.

Chances are, a lot more dreams would live to see their realization if we were able to skip right from Point A to Point B. If Time, Energy, Hard Work, Rejection, Struggle & Discernment were not so adamant in demanding a seat in our Ambition-Covered Wagons.  

I’ve written it before but I still believe that our dreams are very much like infants. We conjure them up in diaries and during long commutes but we have to then step up to be teachers to them. Teach them to Walk, Talk, Sing, Dance, Shake, Shimmy, Move, Be. Understand their weak beginnings. Understand their wobbly legs. Covet the progress. Smile at the Baby Steps.

But the one thing we cannot do if we ever hope to find them as a reality, sitting across from us like a familiar stranger who knows how we take our coffee, is belittle them. Degrade them. Find small boxes to shove them in. Let them collect dust on a shelf within our memory.

You see, one day our dreams being labeled as “unreachable” won’t cut it anymore. They will grow stale. They might fall apart. They will tire from us putting “Cannot” and “Should” in front of them in line. And they will slink into a slot just as forgotten as the lone sock, abandoned under the bed and left praying for some sort of companion who understands their wool & texture.

Elizabeth Gilbert, a guru at equipping souls with a Simultaneous Sense of Eating, Praying & Loving, one wrote that we cannot expect to win the lottery if we don’t first buy the ticket. I don’t know about you, but I have some tickets to buy… some dreams stored up inside of me that need to start sending their resumes out to reality.

So here’s to taking some coins, sunk deep from our pockets, and listening to the sounds they make as they clink on the counter.

 “One ticket please,” I say. “Matter of fact, make it ten.”

Here’s to finding Point A together, no matter how opposite our directions are from one another.

Here’s to kicking Struggle & Rejection, Doubt & Animosity, out from the cradle that our dreams slumber in at night.

Here’s to picking back up that piece of chunky purple chalk and writing our dreams out to the world. Fine Handwriting Practice or None.

Here’s to placing Point A down on the map and finding one way today to make a sudden movement.

A Baby Step.

A Crawl.

Even just a shoulder shrug.

On our way.

To Point B.

19 thoughts on “A guru at equipping souls with a Simultaneous Sense of Eating, Praying & Loving, once wrote that we cannot expect to win the lottery if we don’t first buy the ticket.

  1. Okay, this is what I love about your posts: you turn something simple, a little side note in a book (which, by the way, may have changed my life), and turn it into this call to action. And the comparison of dreams to infants, something we conjure up sometimes on a whim but forget once in a while to coddle it and nurse it into something big. Something real and powerful and change-enacting.

    And you always bring me back to some time in the past, when Lisa Frank and paper footballs were the primary note-folding method.

    A to B. Such a simple concept, but it’s all the in-betweens that matter. All the steps that get us from start to finish.

    Love it, Hannah. Love it.

    1. You are like my favorite person in the world Kaleigh… Thanks so much for this comment. It really got to me at a good time in the day, mid deep in tons of work ha. Looking so forward to our Skype date!

  2. Beautiful as always. Absolutely adore every one of your posts and I am so proud of you for how much you are able to express through the exquisite way you weave words together. Missing you and can’t wait till we get together! All my love.

  3. Of course this post caught my eye as soon as I saw the Eat, Pray, Love bit in the title…(ugh, also a slight reminder of the life I just returned from–thanks for the nostalgia!)

    But of course this post covers the importance of something we all often forget –or struggle–to do–find a starting point. Constantly we write the endings of our books without writing a prologue, introduction, or most importantly—OUR NAME. Remember the beginning of each story written starts with an author’s name scribed on the front and within the front cover. For each of our own stories we have to remember to start with OURSELF so we automatically are on the right track for getting OURSELF from point A to point B. : )

    1. I love making those EP&L references… Elizabeth Gilbert is on a godly level for me.

      Thank you for always helping me to unearth the starting point… It means the world.

  4. I really, really love this. I’m going to read it every time I start doubting my ability to achieve my dreams. Thank you.

    Also, I really love your blog. Your writing is fantastic and beautiful.

  5. well, i definitely agree with the Elizabeth Gilbert and the godley level. ugh, i think shes incredible!

    of course, as i do you. again, a magnificant post that spun delicate words into a beautiful thread of a picture. The pictures you make always put me in a beautiful, “can-do” mood to try and make this world better. i sound corny, i know. anyways, especially this dream blog was beautiful..reminded me of langston hughes ” a dream deferred”..i just read it the other day.

    miss you! hope to see you soon 🙂

    1. Oh gosh, I love that poem… Langston Hughes is someone I would love to slip into my back pocket and carry around with me all day. Beautiful stuff.

      And I hope to see you soon! Missing your face something terrible.

  6. Lady,
    I love you.
    Thanks for writing my feelings into html once again.
    I want to plaster this post onto the sides of my brain.
    Perhaps my wall will have to do.

  7. Hannah,

    I have just begun a great journey of connecting point A to point B in my life. For so long I couldn’t decide where point B was… I tried to pin it down and kept missing it by miles. But I think I’ve finally found the right spot. Even still, I’ve been struggling greatly with fear of failing once again. Thanks for the reminder that failure is only in the eye of the beholder… and so long as we continue to strive for something, chugging forward, even if we must take baby steps forward and the occasional giant leap backwards, eventually dreams do come true.

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