Field Notes: Vol. 4


Perfect for waiting rooms. Stock up on reading.

Self-preserving. I say no more.

For all da entrepreneurs: this book.

New college list.

And then the angels sang… you know you’ve wanted this for a while.

If a limited edition backpack could define my whole life…

Kick in the pants.

If I could tell you any story, it would be of the time I left just because.

Ending it first.

Her letters. They pretty.

Brightest weekend wishes to each & every one of you! I’ll be curling in bed with some coffee and good reading, spending time outdoors & getting my church thang on. Stay bright.

5 thoughts on “Field Notes: Vol. 4

  1. Young and full of gold – oh Hannah. That’s lovely. There’s a bubble-wrapped little space we can inhabit, but there’s no air inside. Outside is dangerous – I think of Lucy realizing that Aslan’s not a tame lion – but if God is not safe, he is breathtaking.

    And since I love words: special reads for this weekend?

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