The book is ready for pre-order!

To my readers,

I’ve written and rewritten this post about a dozen times.

Every time I think I’ve nailed it I sit on the backspace button and start over. My heart is thudding. My lungs are full of breath that I don’t know how to release. I am more nervous than that time Andrew U. asked me to be his girlfriend in the 8th grade and I fumbled to change my relationship status in my AOL profile (yes, I was severely nervous about that one).

I’ve come to the conclusion that I could either dress this post up in really pretty words or I could just come out, bite down hard of my bottom lip, and just say it:

It’s here.

It’s finally, finally here. 


I am excited to share that my first book If You Find This Letter  (March 10, 2015) is available for pre-order!

Like, today. Like, right now. At all the major outlets where books are sold:

Amazon    B&N   Indiebound   Books a MIllion 

You can order it as a hardcover or ebook.

I’ll be honest: I’ve been crying all week. If you’ve followed along on my book writing journey then you know the truth already: I put my everything into this book. Absolutely everything. And you’re getting all of me when you get this book. It was exhausting & wonderful & a once-in-a-lifetime process to produce this book and I am just now getting the confirmation I prayed for this whole time: It was all so incredibly worth it. Thank you for that. 

So here’s the nitty gritty:

Pre-order sales matter a ton. They show booksellers and publishers that there is interest in what you’ve written. It would mean the world to me if you would preorder a copy of my memoir so that I can keep writing books for all of you. As a thank-you for pre-ordering, I’ll be continuously picking people out of the pre-order pile every month leading up to the release date of the book (March 10, 2015) to meet for half-hour online coffee dates. We will talk life, love, big plans, business, whatever you please! Just you + me + lots of coffee + heart stuff.

You can be eligible for a sweet, little coffee date by sending proof of purchase (a receipt, a screenshot, a selfie with your morning coffee, whatever!) to preorder@hannahbrencher.

And here’s another sweet thang:

I know March is a ways away, but I’ve got another project– a fold-and-mail stationery pad for writing love letters– that hits stores on December 23, 2014. It’s full of fun & funky prompts and it is perfect for the folks who adore snail mail.


You can snag a copy here.

Sappy little side-note that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else in this post: 

Each of you has no idea how much I’ve been encouraged by your comments, your tweets, your emails, and letters. Thank you for inspiring me to keep writing and keep pushing. I feel so blessed to have you in this community and I don’t know if I say it nearly enough: thank you for taking me just as I am. You are the gold that makes this whole life good.


23 thoughts on “The book is ready for pre-order!

  1. Hb!!!!! Gaahhhhh, today just keeps getting better and better and I’ve had your book in my cart on Amazon for about a month now. About to go click the pre-order button. Keeping being you girl, you are magnificent & beautiful & brave & all shades of relentless. I’ll keep putting you in my nighttime prayers.

    Keeping you tucked in my prayers,

  2. Hi Hannah,

    I am excited to read your book. You do seem so very young to be writing your memoir.

    I’ve never pre-ordered a book but this time I will. Enjoy your day, dear girl. Your words make me smile, laugh-O-L, and cry. I can feel your anxiety through your writing. Sometimes I think, “Ohh, it is hard and painful to be so young” and that thought is immediately followed by the thought, “and it’s not so much easier to be old either.” But it is getting easier as I am happy to be as graceful to myself as I am to my best friends.

    Sending you so much love for all the times you choose to stand us, speak up, and be courageous when you could have sat quietly and let things pass you by. Thanks for using your gifts to bless others. You are the most “famous” person I am happy to have cross paths with.

    Thankfully Covered by God’s Grace, Sharie Patty Vandelia Family & Children Minister Phone number 806-441-6340


  3. Dearest Hannah,
    Done and done now! Just ordered it and so excited for you Congrats and will be sending in that selfie! Can’t wait to read it. You are a wonderful writer and even though are ages are far apart…..well you get me! You are so insightful sweetie. I know your book will do well.
    Love Always,

  4. Hannah,
    Yay! I can’t wait for this book to arrive on my doorstep one day so I can curl up with it holding a cup of hot chocolate! I am very proud of you and can’t wait for whatever you write next in blog post form or in a lovely bound hardcover book! 🙂


  5. amazing, we are so proud and i think of the blankets on the windows, the tears, the triumphs, the trials, the perseverance, the fabulous words , the prayers. Here’s to your success!! love mom

  6. beyond Excited for you! YAY! pre- Ordering my copy now! (though I really want a signed one) yay YOU! Your journey has inspired me to write about my own journey with Free Hugs and collecting real life stories worldwide. HUGS and MORE HUGS to you!!!!!

  7. Just preordered!!!! So excited and beyond proud of you!!!! You are amazing and I am so happy for you. I will always remember how you and Sarah would meet at Starbucks discussing your dreams for the future. Years later they have both come to fruition. God is good!

  8. How is it that sometimes life gives us what we didn’t even know we were looking for ? I knew you were writing a book, but the subject is a delightful surprise. I’m being very stingy with my pennies these days, but a book like this is worth letting some go. Pre-ordered and looking forward to reading. Congratulations !!!

  9. Too bad, I can’t pre-order since I’m halfway across the world. :/ I guess, I’ll just wait for the release here in Asia. Love you HB!

  10. Better late then never, just found this delightful article about you on FB today. I must now get the book of course and order the stationary. Hope this is a project that’s still up and running. 😊

  11. Hannah, I just found your site this morning. Oh my, how this project makes my heart sing! There are too many of us, myself included, who just want to know we are fine just the way we are, that we are loved and valuable and special and can do anything. I suffer from depression and anxiety – some days it is so hard to carry on. So being able to turn around and write to someone who is struggling is going to help me so much, I think. I would love to have the opportunity to have love letters sent to me. ❤ Thank you for this project.

  12. I just finished reading the book and I wish there were more books written by you to read. I felt sad as I got to the end but very happy realizing…I could help! I love writing letters and have (like you) always wondered what my calling was? I wanted to do good but so much of what I did –just didn’t turn out that way. I noticed how well people respond to personal issues I have written about in my own blog and always hoped I could reach out and help more…I hope I can and I love writing letters! I learned from my mother who was also a letter writing lover.
    Your book blew me away…again…thank you!


  13. I just read your book. It touched my heart and I could see myself in your yourney. Thank you so much for sharing❤
    You are wonderfully made and I can see Jesus shining through you.

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