My book, love notes & giveaways.

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Deep breaths.

Big, deep breaths.

It’s drawing closer and my book is coming out in one month… Just. One. Month.

I’m flipping just a little… Just a tad.

But really, it was the biggest honor in the world to have the chance to write my story down and it’s an even bigger blessing that it gets to meet you in just a few short weeks. Trust me, trust me, you are getting all of me wrapped into a spine when you pick up that book and start flipping through the pages.

The hardcover copies showed up today. I wept. What else is new? Do I ever stop crying?

But today is not about tears… it’s about giving some sweet thangs away. Mainly these:


  • Two (2) copies of my Love Letter Writing Kit (with love letters from me tucked inside!)
  • One (1) copy of my memoir (autographed) that I have personally gone through and tucked notes and secrets inside of. I love nothing more than filling books with messages & highlights & scribbles so you’ll get all my personal notes & thoughts from the original book.

You could win one… you could win all three. Who knows?!?!

Entering this giveaway is as simple as it gets:

1. Send or resend proof of preorder purchase of If You Find This Letter to


2. Instagram + hashtag (#loveisinthemail) in a photo of you & your Love Letter Writing Kit (selfies are ALWAYS welcomed).

Looking forward to sharing more fun things with all of you.

May the odds be ever in your favor 🙂

tying you closer than most,


4 thoughts on “My book, love notes & giveaways.

  1. I hope I win this book because I love LOVE love your words, thoughts. heart, vulnerability and realness. It would be so super cool to have hand written notes from you, HB, in your own book. I’ll have to figure out how to send you a copy of my preorder receipt of your book. Those things are not my natural forté. This is just to let you know I am one of your many word groupies and I love reading your heart. I am turning 57 tomorrow and want to say to you, HB, Enjoy today; Life is so very beautiful with all our imperfections; my darkest days have shown me the depth and strength of faith and trust in ways my happy go lucky days never could have. I love you. And if you come through Lubbock let’s have coffee! Sharolyn Patty

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