Field Notes: Vol 6 // Mason Jar Edition

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hey you– 

So “Field Notes” lived for a little while. And then it died. Pretty hard. For several months.

It’s back though– with more purpose and vengeance than ever before. A little re-introduction: I come across so many cool companies, heart-gonna-fall-out-my-chest missions, swoon-worthy words, and inspiration on a daily basis and I often wish there was a place to stockpile it all. So here’s to “Field Notes”– a collection of the most baller people, places, & thangs on a Friday. 




So a little about me: I am 26 years old. I am self-employed & I work out of a creative space in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s a space for creatives & artists & anyone looking to not work specifically out of their home 24-7. I did the whole “work from home” thing while working on Book #1 and I needed, more than anything, to leave my house when I came to Atlanta. It was my only way to make friends, create community, and be in a space where I didn’t constantly feel stuck in my own world. My space full of other creatives has allowed me to break that cycle in a remarkable way while linking arms with good, good people.

So all is well & good in the world of going to an office space until lunchtime hits and I want Chipotle. Like, so much chipotle. So many burritos. And honestly? I waste a ton of money haphazardly buying groceries without a list and then still going out to grab lunch based on what I am feeling. Word to the wise: never base your food decisions on how you feel.

In my own life I am trying– quite diligently– to morph clean eating into a healthy habit. I have one solid month at home in Atlanta and I am putting my head down and working on creating habits that can follow me no matter where I am– at home or in airports. I am learning that habits come existence through months & months and years & years of patterned behavior. Negative & positive habits make up who you are and contribute to your overall quality of life. 

I’ve been looking for ways to make meal assembly efficient (with the hopes I will actually slow down long enough on a Sunday and do it). And friends, I found a good ol’ Southern tradition that is blowing my mind. I posted the above picture on Instagram this past week and I got dozens of emails from people wanting to know what I was putting in my mason jar lunches.

Side note: I feel like the least domesticated individual on the face of the planet who has managed to survive on burritos for a really long time and I’ve somehow managed to execute this. That’s all the proof in the world you need to know and believe mason jar lunches are quick, easy, and not complicated. 

Side note #2: I do all my meal prep on Sundays before the week begins. This way, I am able to not feel overwhelmed preparing every day + night. I allow myself to eat out twice a week. 



1) Glass trumps tupperware. Food prep is made easier + food keeps more flavor. ALSO- it’s cheaper. I got a dozen Mason Jars at Target for $9 this past week.

2) Portion control. I didn’t know if putting my lunch in a mason jar was going to be enough food for me but I can honestly say YES, it has been. I bring a small metal bowl with me from IKEA to work and I dump the contents of the mason jar out when it’s time for lunch, stir it up, and chow down. I love the portions so much I’ve even started putting my snacks into mason jars.

3) Easier assembly. Setting up an assembly line is easy & fun. I managed to make 5 lunches in a matter of ten minutes (apart from cooking the chicken & turkey). Blast some Drake and get to it, boo. You might mix them up and make two of one day or three of another day.

4) People will think you are cool. For some reason, mason jars are an “in” thing and people will think you are suppperrrrrrr hipster for putting your lunch into glass containers. They’ve been around for ages but hey, why not score some cool points for being cheap & fun?

5) Salads are saved FOR-EV-ER. One of my biggest pet peeves to packing salads for lunch was either having to bring the dressing with me or endure the sogginess of the kale//lettuce after it had been soaking in the dressing for half the work day. The mason jars are perfect because you add dressing or any kind of liquid to the bottom. That way, your ingredients don’t get soggy. I had four of these meals sitting in the fridge, waiting for their day, and not one of them was soggy as long as the greens were kept on top!



I’ve posted 5 recipes for the 5 days of the week below. You’ll notice that the ingredients I’ve listed are simple & basic. I’m doing my best to stick to clean eating & all of the ingredients below can be found at your grocery store or local Farmer’s Market– whichever you prefer.


Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.01.25 PM











Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.01.45 PM










Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.03.23 PM











Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.03.32 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.03.54 PM

10 thoughts on “Field Notes: Vol 6 // Mason Jar Edition

  1. “Negative & positive habits make up who you are and contribute to your overall quality of life.” This is such an obvious quote but I needed that little “negative habit” section today. I have procrastinating in making a few small changes that would make a huge difference. Thanks for the kick in the butt.

  2. I’ve been blown away by your raw and insightful writing…and now this!?!!?? I love it and am inspired by YOU!!! Wish I could jar you up in a mason jar too, guess I’ll have to buy your book!!

  3. Love your idea I will for sure be doing this too. I spend all my days out of home and I just had surgery too and I can’t really eat any fast foods anymore and its been hard on me but this cool idea of your I will just have to try thanks for sharing…

  4. This is great. Did you select the ingredients based on any calorie count or nutritional balance, or just food that you enjoy?

  5. Hi Hannah! It was so good to meet you last night and put a person behind the words I’ve been reading for the past 10 months! I am sure you hear a lot of the stuff that we were saying all the time (total fan girl moment), but I’m just so grateful for the way you treated me during that. It was as if it was the first time anyone had ever told you you were talented and that your words touched someone. I felt seen and heard and not at all as if it was an inconvenience. I absolutely loved that at every step of the conversation you were giving the glory to the Lord. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to speak with me and allow me know you if even for a brief moment. I know you said you were coming to community group to meet some more adults that were in a similar season of life as you and I’m also sure you have people blowing you up to hang out with you, but if you ever need someone to sit with at church or just want someone to grab dinner with, I would absolutely love that! I think my number is in my signature. Thanks again and I definitely look forward to seeing you around the house 🙂

    Emily Albright

    P.S. I was totally wondering if you put the avocados in the jars at the beginning of the week do they get brown and gross by the time you eat the one for Friday? Also do you use a half or whole avocado? I just love this idea and I’m totally stealing it!

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