A January Writing Intensive + $10 off.

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Happy Holidays to you! I hope you are planning to get offline, rest and really soak up the season with friends and loved ones.

I’ll keep this thang short: I’m teaching my second 3-hour online Writing Intensive on Saturday, January 9th. It’s happening. You don’t even need to leave your house.

The first class in November was a huge success. The community of 100 writers are still going strong, connecting with each other daily, and really blowing me out the water with their fierce attitudes.

This class is for anyone trying find their voice who could benefit from 3-hours of solid teaching on the following:

  • The elements of compelling storytelling
  • Breaking the fear
  • Developing voice
  • Connecting with readers
  • The art of Taylor Swifting
  • Consistency & control in writing
  • Vulnerability hangovers
  • Finding direction within a crowded writing world

In honor of how cool you are, I am giving $10 off the $100 price. Just type in coupon code “JANUARYINTENSIVE” for your discount!

There’s only a few more spots left (about 25!) in this Writing Intensive. When the gates close, they close forever… or at least until I offer another. I hope to see you online on January 9! It will be a beautiful way to start a brand new year together.

tying you closer than most,


2 thoughts on “A January Writing Intensive + $10 off.

  1. question
    I have a crazy work schedule and i dont always know what I work until the week before, so if I sign up but cant watch it “live”, will I be able to watch it later?

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