Make love famous: a love letter for today.

I don’t know a thing about politics. I don’t talk about it in small circles. I’ve held my breath for most of this election. I know some people are happy with the outcome of last night. Some of you are absolutely heartbroken. Some of you aren’t living in America so it touches you or it doesn’t. Either way, I am not here to write about politics.

I’m here to write you a love letter. That’s what I am good for today. That’s what I am capable of. I woke up this morning and felt really somber. It’s in these moments– where I know a good amount of people are hurting– that I feel too small. I feel like my actions can’t make a difference. But I felt like God was present this morning, like He was pressing His fingertips into me and saying, “Today is a support day. If all you do today is remind people of love then that’s a win.” That’s a win, babe.

Like I said, I don’t know politics. I know love though. I know that love is a conqueror. And I know the internet is full of a lot of fear today. So the reminder is small but the heart behind it is big: fear doesn’t win. No matter who wins an election, fear does not win. Fear doesn’t call the shots. Fear doesn’t get to own you. Fear isn’t the winner today. Love must be bigger than fear. We must make it so. 

A few things to remember today as you step out into the world: 

1) Love is not about fear. The two don’t coexist. One has to live longer than the other. You decide whether you’re giving the oxygen mask to love or fear.

2) It’s okay to grieve. It’s okay to be in pieces. But please– if you are feeling isolated or alone– contact someone. Pick up the phone. Call a friend and don’t stand in this by yourself.

3) Your small tasks matter. I used to believe it wasn’t so. But it all matters. It all stacks up. The letters you send. The people you speak to. The friends you text. The kindness you spread to people. It all matters and it all makes this world better.

4) Defeat is not an option. No one is giving up today. No one is being left behind today. If I know the Monday crew then I know you are a crew of people who believe in solidarity, peace, comfort and strength. Please use what you’ve got inside of you to spread the love today. You’re needed today.

5) Kindness isn’t dead. The timing of everything is pretty crazy. I’m headed to Boston to speak about kindness tomorrow. I was just venting to a friend about how kindness can be so easily misconstrued and boiled down to a basic concept. Today I am reminded of the ultimate truth: kindness is not surface level. Kindness must run deeper. We must push harder to be kind. Kindness not an easy concept, it’s a lifelong battle that demands we take it seriously. 

6) Today someone needs you. We’ve all been stuck to the media for the last few weeks. Now we know the outcome. Now it is time to reach out. Now it is time to get busy. Just as my mama told me after a breakup last year, “less words, more work.” Less words of hate. Less words of destruction. Less words of fear. More work. More work. More work. Someone needs you today. Election or no election, someone woke up today on this 9th day of November needing you. Don’t miss it.

7) You are accounted for. You are not forgotten. You are not alone. You are not abandoned. You are not an afterthought. On this November 9, 2016, you are accounted for. You have been prayed for. Remember that. Remember that when it feels like the world has stopped turning or the news doesn’t make sense. It’s not over, babe. You’re not done. I’m not done. But you’re seen. You’re seen today. I can promise you that.

Remember, friends: today is a support day. If you do something today, make sure it includes being there for someone who feels broken today. I love you fiercely and I pray for you often. It’s up to us… it’s on us to make love more famous than fear.

12 thoughts on “Make love famous: a love letter for today.

  1. I needed this and this is a very important post especially so in the wake of current events. Hillary echoed a similar sentiment in that we, the people, need to now rise up and advocate for ourselves. Because good is worth fighting for. And America is worth fighting for. That’s probably the best ideal to hold right now honestly.

  2. People love for their country change destiny of this great land….corruption never stay longer thats we realise hard wy…god grace n god miracle make me return to Jesus

  3. You really are something awesome. Though I am not affected by the election news, your words still reach me. My country India is mourning for something else, but what you said holds true. It is the born of a new era.

  4. I spent a day in shock,sadness, and shame. Your love letter gave me a touch of hope. Sane folks did win the popular vote. Your message about supporting one another rings out loud and clear! Thank you, thank you.

  5. Thank you for spreading truth Hannah! Your posts are always so encouraging and full of pure love ❤ I love reading what you have to say!

  6. I have included you in my Christmas letter. My theme this year: People who inspire me.” I read about you in Parade magazine, tore out the article and suggested to my friends that they write love letters and leave them where people will find them.
    I have since read several of your posts and think you are a very fine person. I wish you the very best as you continue to process the world around you and act in love.

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