2017: the year to write it down!

Hey friends!

One of the most beautiful things that came out 2016 was the chance to create and curate writing classes and other products for you! I never imagined it would lead us into so many great conversations and inspire so many people to finally sit down and write the book or start the blog. I cannot wait to create more in the New Year!

For all of those looking for January writing opportunities, have at it:


Only offered once every October, we whipped up a FLASH SALE for the folks who just can’t wait 10 months to get that novel out of them!  Part 2 of the popular (3-time sold-out) Writing Intensive, this 3-hour class recording covers 1) the nitty gritty of book writing, 2) the discipline of committing to a long-term project and 3) the art of the book proposal. Originally $115, the Year of the Book recording is $57 for the next 72 hours!


My first writing intensive of 2017 is taking place on Saturday, January 28 from 12-3pm EST.  The class will take place online. You don’t have to leave your bed. You can attend naked if you so please. You don’t even have to be available on the date of the class- you will still get the live recording just by signing up! You can expect to dig deep, take a ton of notes, find community in a special FB group, and face a bunch of those liars that try to keep you from writing consistently. Grab your seat here.

Hope to see you in class soon! May the start of your 2017 be healthy, productive and encouraging!


12 thoughts on “2017: the year to write it down!

      • oh great, thanks for the clarification! If I am writing a book and also a blogger, would I benefit to take the Intensive in addition to the Year of the Book then?

      • Yes! The intensive is perfect for establishing discipline and process. I varied all the points so that there is only new material in the YOTB course and the Intensive also has a branding section for bloggers!

  1. I very much want to, but I feel a little sad. I looked back for our first exchanges together when you said I inspired you, sent them your way feeling so proud of your achievements, I wrote a song inspired by your words, am paying to have it professionally produced as part of my album and named it after you… I wished you all the happiness with your wedding… but not a word of reply. It makes me sad and I didn’t think you’d never have time for the little people, especially those you’ve touched in ways that have led to big things, and those who helped you before you became such a brilliant success. 😦

    • Hey girl,

      I went back in the comments to find this. I am sorry if you feel hurt or ignored. That would never be my intention. I do my very best to juggle all forms of communication with friends, family, and readers but I am nowhere near perfect. I loved the song you wrote for me and thought I made that clear but I would never think of anyone as “little people” or see any difference between me or anyone else. I have loved how our journeys have been intertwined from the start and only wish the world for you. If there was a word of encouragement or love before the wedding then I am sorry I have not seen it! I would never intentionally ignore anyone so I hope you can forgive me. Best of luck, babe.


  2. Christina says:


    How’s it going lovely? Will you be hosting another Year of the Book class any time soon? I’m a planner lol. Do you know your writing class schedule for this year or at least the upcoming ones?

    Thanks so much!

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