Craving Faith: a free class.

Happy Thursday, friends!

I’ve been offering Craving Classes for the last 6 months and I have been beyond blown away by this opportunity to serve people in practical and tangible ways by offering wisdom in the areas of balance, discipline, community, etc.

I’ve got some classes coming up this year that I am pretty amped about but we decided to kick off 2017 with a FREE CLASS. I love free things, serving people well, and I also love the topic I’m about to tackle!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you know I care a lot about growing my faith life and helping other people grow theirs. I’m nervous but I am ready to teach on the topic of faith and how I take mine seriously. I’m not the ultimate expert (let’s be honest) and I have so much to learn in the years to come but I want to start the dialogue, answer questions, and really help people push their faith goals to a new level in 2017. I’m

The class is free and taking place online on Tuesday, January 24! 9pm EST / 6pm EST. Sign up here. It’s a webinar so I’ll be on the screen talking about my faith journey, challenges, and practical tips I’ve learned along the way. I’ll also be sharing a ton of books I use when studying the bible and resources that push me deeper into my faith walk. If you can’t make the class live, no worries! Everyone who signs up will get the recording 1 hour after the class wraps!

I’m praying a ton leading up to this class and hoping that all kinds of people will show up: ones that have been rooted in their faith for years, ones that are questioning God, ones that don’t even know if they believe in anything. All are welcome. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Take care and I so hope to see you next Tuesday.



4 thoughts on “Craving Faith: a free class.

  1. Great topic. We’re taught it’a up to us, our own initiative, to be successful. Then mistakes, failures …. despondency. Give up? No way. So what’s the model?! Something bigger than ourselves. Turn it over. To He / She. God. Accept that self will actually gets us only so fsr. A growing, abiding spirituality is The Key to a successful, fulfilling life. Acceptance = Growth.

    BTW I have signed up and paid for the Online Writing seminar January 28 – But no info on website, where to go for! Details, please!

  2. Breezy says:

    So glad I hopped on instagram tonight and you mention this class in your insta story. Even more thrilled it’s a webinar since I woke up sick today. I think i have what you had. I am signed up and excited for tomorrow night. Thank you Hannah

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