The Unofficial (but so official) Reading List for 2017



Today is Thursday and I am currently mourning over the fact that all my friends in Connecticut have a Snow Day (yes, proper noun in my world) and I’m stuck dealing with Atlanta’s indecisive weather patterns. In the spirit of Snow Days (and me not getting any), I am working until 2pm and then cuddling up on the couch to do some much-needed reading. I can’t begin to tell you the difference it has made in the last year to start picking up books (real ones… with covers and spines…) instead of my phone at the end of a long day. I feel healthier, happier & smarter. You asked for this list… I’m answering. 

Also- It took forever (really) but I linked all the books up with Amazon since I love you so much and love Amazon a lot too. 

Dig in. Enjoy. And comment below with your current reads + favorites! Happy reading!

tying you closer than most,


 Classics are like vitamins, you should have them everyday.

Books for #bosses

Nonfiction I will forever keep on my bookshelf.

Mackenzie’s picks

(I asked my fantastic literary agent Mackenzie Brady Watson to weigh and recommend her top 5 books for today)

Fiction picks for 2017

For the writer in you

A bunch of books featuring crazy chicks gone psycho.

Books to grow you spiritually.

On my docket for 2017

These are books that I’ve either never read or plan to read for a second (or fifth) time in 2017. I can’t speak for all of them since I don’t know all the content yet but I compiled this list with the help of reader junkie friends and the “12 Banned Books Every Woman Needs to Read in Her Lifetime.” 

A Subscription for Bookworms


I don’t spend a lot of money on myself. When I do, I am very careful with every investment. However, I made the choice to invest in a Book of the Month subscription this past November and I honestly cannot shut up about it. I’ve gotten three books delivered to my doorstep so far and each one has been exactly matched to my personality and the genres of books I like to read. Book #4 (Behind Her Eyes) just shipped!

If you love books and love being in unofficial book clubs then this will probably be your jam. You get all hardcover books. You get to keep them. A lot of the titles are newly released or not even out yet!

When I signed up, BOTM gave me a link to share with friends. This link will get you 3-months of BOTM for $30. Dig in and let me know what your first pick is!

14 thoughts on “The Unofficial (but so official) Reading List for 2017

  1. Girl. YES. So excited to go through this brilliant list of awesome reads. My biggest goal for 2k17 was to (behind knock out the last of my student debt) is read. readreadread. This is a great guide!

  2. I LOVE YOU FOR THIS. I am reading one book each month on your previous book list, and now I have all of these amazing books to look forward to too. I am so happy I could cry. Thank you thank you thank you.

    Sent from my college dorm


  3. Mm I’m liking those classics. I didn’t know there was a such thing as book subscriptions! I guess there’s a subscription for just about anything now

  4. Put Elizabeth Lesser’s “Broken Open” on your docket! It’s my go-to book when I feel those knitting needles of change working on me!

  5. Han,

    This reading list came in hot at the perfect time! I flipped into a ditch in my car yesterday so now I’m trying my best to h e a l. It’s hard. But reading is the best way to give my body the rest it needs! So thanks for blessing me real good with this list. You’re the best.

    Brooke Regier PS. Got any home healing remedies for me?


  6. Thanks for the list Hannah- I love your recommendations. I recently tried to convince the digital agency where I work to get a library so that everyone can read and share- my boss highlighted the whole “DIGITAL” agency thing and wasn’t impressed with the suggestion. Sigh, reader of actual paper stories for LIFE here.

  7. i LOVE reading lists, love looking them up on Amazon and seeing if I will add them to my stack. Thought I’d share one with you that I give to lots of people-Deeply Loved by Kari Wyatt Kent-SO GOOD!

  8. Love the list. Wary to subscribe to BOTM Because no accountability on alleged January 28th online writing seminar. Second request – refund! Joe O’Brien

    1. Hey Joe,

      It looks like you paid for a recording of our Year of the Book course. Please email us at and we can refund you. However, that was not the writing intensive class held on January 28. We can forward your receipt to you and work things out.


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