Honesty Hour: Good morning?

I love reading the My Morning Routine blog. Something about reading other people’s morning routines is fascinating to me. I like to look for correlations and the routines inspire me to look at my own morning routine.

I don’t have a “set” morning routine yet. There are days where I am up and killing it by 5:30am and then there are days where I snooze with Lane until 8:30 and he hurriedly gets dressed and leaves for work. Working for myself is definitely something I don’t take for granted. I let myself sleep a little longer if I know I have time to work later. For some crazy reason, the hours between 5-7pm are my golden hours for work. I have laser-like focus.

But back to those morning routines…

There are a few things in my morning that make for a guaranteed good day:

  1. A cup of coffee: Lane sets my coffee up the night before so all I have to do is press “brew.”
  2. Time with God: This is always my first thing. If I don’t do it, I am way off. I spend about an hour journaling and getting my feelings out, reading scripture and commentary, and then praying for people.
  3. Writing out my goals the night before: this is the game changer part of my routine. I flounder when I look at a blank space in my planner or when I walk into a day scattered with meetings but no objectives for myself. I try to write out three goals the night before and really have my day mapped out.

So, in honor of honesty hour, what is one (or 3) necessities in your morning routine that guarantee for a killer day?

16 thoughts on “Honesty Hour: Good morning?

  1. I treat myself to a good snooze now and then (much harder to get up and get going since I got married….#cuddlepro), but I find that if I actually hit snooze on my alarm and don’t wake up when I mentally prepared to the night before, I’m groggy and slow. It takes me longer to get ready, which generally means I a.) Am a whirlwind of stress b.) Don’t give my man a proper hug goodbye, and c.) Drive like a maniac to work. It’s better for myself and my people to turn the alarm off and let my feet hit the floor.

  2. 1. Coffee. I do not know where I would be/if I would love mornings as much as I do without it.

    2. Outside time. I always try to start my day by going for a walk around the backyard with my coffee. It gets me moving. I take some pictures. It allows me to have a little “me time” to myself each day.

    3. Getting dressed as soon as I get up. I’ve found if I lay around in my pajamas while I drink my coffee in the morning, I’m far less likely to feel motivated to get anything done after that.

  3. you are the reason i fight to get up in the mornings and stay productive — you make productivity feel appealing. and not that it’s going to be easy to fight for productivity and getting up every morning, but you have been a gentle reminder to so many of us that you are 100% capable to get things done. love this and you so much

    1. Hi Hannah
      I’m going to give your ideas a go.
      Do you work for yourself; writing?
      I’m currently with my new partner and adjusting to living in a bigger house.
      For some reason; I have all these plans but don’t know how to kick start them. So today I will write them down and put them in some order.
      I’m changing jobs. I just don’t get joy out of childcare anymore.
      Thanks for sharing your blog.
      You write so well and with great honesty.

  4. I honestly do not have a set routine yet, I really have been wanting one though! Thanks for writing this! It inspired me to think about a morning routine and to start being more intentional! 🙂

  5. My morning routine, on a good day, is to get up and make my coffee and breakfast. Which is almost always an English muffin with fried egg and avocado. Then I spend time in the Word. Usually about an hour to an hour and a half. I pray, read scripture and write, then pray more.

    My days are always best when they start in this rhythm, but it doesn’t always happen. I’m still learning how to get up and do this even on the days I have to be somewhere at 9am. Any tips on being proactive to start every day this way?

  6. I’ve been thinking a lot about routines lately so this is very timely! I find that doing the same things & staying consistent really keeps me balanced, though some days I just lay in my bed for several extra hours & I think that’s okay too. 🙂 But I’m finding that my optimal days usually start at 5/5:30 when I get up, dressed, and eat an actual breakfast. Then I usually get in my car and go to Starbucks, not so much for coffee (ok, but they do know my name & order now) but to sit and write and read before I go to work later in the day. By the time I go to work, I feel like I’ve accomplished things & have had time for myself.

  7. Hi, I love to read about morning routines too! One thing that helped me was from an article which talked about hacking your morning if you aren’t a morning person (that’s me:)). What works best for me is making a cozy spot on the couch the night before–spreading out the blanket and pillows just the way I like them. I also pick out a 15 minute Ted talk to watch. When my alarm goes off, I remember my cozy spot is ready for me so I go downstairs, put a cold pot of water on the stove, and go sit and wait iny cozy spot fory water to boil. I can even fall asleep because I know my kettle will keep me awake. Then I brew my tea and go back to my cozy spot and turn on the Ted talk. This takes about 20 mins, ND by then end I’m usually fully alert and ready to spend time with God. I have to listen to an audio Bible while I read to help me focus and Then I pray out loud. This works for me:)

  8. Morning routines yayyyy! i set up a solid routine about a month ago and it feels so supportive and right for my overall well-being.
    i wake up at 4:30, free-write (Morning Pages as Julia Cameron suggested), and then i either meditate or listen to some compositions. then i’ll sleep for an hour again till the time i have to wake up to get dressed for college. it’s simple, it isn’t too much, but i love soaking in the quiet and the silence of the early morning. i am thinking of adding a health drink, some serious meditation to the quiet hour now. also, no phones in the 1st 1 or 2 hours of the morning is also essential. else, everything sef-nourishing falls by the wayside.

  9. Though I let myself break the rules, my most productive days include:
    1. Waking up at least 2 hours before I HAVE to do “real” things.
    2. Prayer, devotion, reading–or I will have a mostly selfish, unaware, kinda mean day.
    3. Coffee or Green Tea. Preferably fresh ground or looseleaf because that up’s the productivity factor! 😉

  10. Morning routines! I love them! I always feel so much better when I have ample time to myself.
    I actually start the night before by defining my success for the next day. I ask myself “what needs to happen tomorrow for me to be successful?”
    Typically its working out, whether its at the gym or in my room. Then spending time with the Lord. I’ve added having time to write, eat breakfast then finally getting ready for work. It takes a good 3-4 hours ideally. Yes coffee or tea are usually involved in this process:)

  11. Morning routine, Mama-style: Get up. Take shower. Get kids up. Nurse baby. Make breakfast for all. Eat bites of breakfast while brushing kids’ hair and feeding baby. Drive to school. Drop off kids. Baby falls asleep in car on way home. Sit right outside of car now safely parked in driveway. Open laptop. Write for about an hour. This hour is easily my favorite part of the day. I drool over a future time when mornings will be entirely mine. But for now, we are living our LIFE!☺️

  12. Great blog… My morning, actually my whole day routine is dictated by what day it is and who is home. Generally Monday through Friday I rise and shine between 0600-0630 to prepare for work and get the animals their love and food. … I find routine is my friend at home otherwise I am disconbobulated and lazy.

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