(creative brainstorming + mentoring sessions designed specially for bloggers, small business owners, movers & shakers, original gangsters, and the fairest of them all. don’t try to act like you’re not in one of those categories.)

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Brew Sessions are one-on-one creative coaching & mentoring sessions, specially designed for the movers and shakers who want to ramp life and business up to the next level. Don’t have a creative love child or even a career yet? No fear! Brew Sessions are ideal for just about anyone who wants to become a bigger BOSS at setting goals, managing their time, and ramping up creativity.

You and I meet together with cups of coffee in hand over Skype or phone for one solid hour. You steer the conversation. I ask a lot of good questions. I take a lot of notes. I ask a lot more tougher questions. We sing from the rooftops. You get clear, real clear, on lots of things– from blogging to identity to creative paths. I stay honest. We get clear. We assess the big “WHAT’S NEXT?!” You don’t leave your session without a roadmap for the journey ahead.

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Brew Sessions are perfect for individuals who:

  • have a dream that keeps them up at night with possibility… but they need a major action plan!
  • wish to reshape their personal brand–online & offline.
  • seriously need a battery recharge and a way to work passion back into their everyday life.
  • have a passion or idea they dream of turning into a reality.
  • need a business or bloggy butt kicking.

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“I honestly entered into my brew session with Hannah not knowing what to expect or if it was something I really needed or even wanted to do.  The truth is, I was set up by a friend who was way more into me starting a blog than I was at the time!  However, after the first few minutes I realized that this was going to be the best thing that my friend could ever do for me.  In our brew she was able to walk me thorough steps and give me tools in starting a blog that made those mountains quickly shrink down to mole hills.  In the end, I think the thing I loved the most about our time together was that I truly felt like I was sitting down with a friend over a cup of coffee.  Hannah created an environment that was welcoming and caring so that I could share my dreams, ideas, and apprehensions with ease.”    –Kim Polston
“I felt the pressure I’ve been piling on my shoulders these past few months melt away, and have felt a calm confidence since the session that I am going in exactly the right direction.” —Cyndi Briggs
“The Brew Session was something that challenged me, it forced me to take the dreams we only tell ourselves and speak them aloud in a lot of ways for the first time. It was necessary because it forced me to be accountable for making my own dreams come true and set concrete goals to do so. Hannah and her work has such deep meaning, but one of the greatest things about it is that it all started in her head and in her heart. Talking with someone who has walked the road you want to walk yourself helps encourage you to keep going no matter what the costs, because anything is possible. So spread the word.” –Meri Deacon
“I felt like I was talking to a guru who took the time to understand me. It was an awesome present to myself to have this brew session. I got more out of it than I ever imagined- and there was no magic wand- just a caring individual who has a big heart and open mind who helped me see what was right in front of me.” –Arwa Bager
“Hannah helped me to identify ways to incorporate myself into my online presence and help get me excited about letting my clients see me and making my brand personal. She has amazing insight and saw things in me that I thought were normal and boring but she showed me how unique I could make them. It’s was so helpful to talk to someone who doesn’t know me to get a fresh perspective on who I am and what I can make my business. If you are stuck or having a hard time with your business brand then I would definitely Brew with Hannah for a fresh perspective!” –Carri Behal
How often is too often to brew? One hour with Hannah was not enough, but man, was it amazing. Hannah makes sure the conversation helps you, and is intentional with her preparation in order to help you best. I’d purchase a brew on the regular if I could. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long while.” –Melissa Boles
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