Craving Faith: a free class.

Happy Thursday, friends!

I’ve been offering Craving Classes for the last 6 months and I have been beyond blown away by this opportunity to serve people in practical and tangible ways by offering wisdom in the areas of balance, discipline, community, etc.

I’ve got some classes coming up this year that I am pretty amped about but we decided to kick off 2017 with a FREE CLASS. I love free things, serving people well, and I also love the topic I’m about to tackle!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you know I care a lot about growing my faith life and helping other people grow theirs. I’m nervous but I am ready to teach on the topic of faith and how I take mine seriously. I’m not the ultimate expert (let’s be honest) and I have so much to learn in the years to come but I want to start the dialogue, answer questions, and really help people push their faith goals to a new level in 2017. I’m

The class is free and taking place online on Tuesday, January 24! 9pm EST / 6pm EST. Sign up here. It’s a webinar so I’ll be on the screen talking about my faith journey, challenges, and practical tips I’ve learned along the way. I’ll also be sharing a ton of books I use when studying the bible and resources that push me deeper into my faith walk. If you can’t make the class live, no worries! Everyone who signs up will get the recording 1 hour after the class wraps!

I’m praying a ton leading up to this class and hoping that all kinds of people will show up: ones that have been rooted in their faith for years, ones that are questioning God, ones that don’t even know if they believe in anything. All are welcome. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Take care and I so hope to see you next Tuesday.



Be a participant.

There needs to be a separation between social media and my personal life. I am realizing this more and more each day as I get older and deeper into my 20’s.

I’ve been thinking about this so much lately. I want there to be something for keeps. I want every single one of us to have something for keeps at the end of each day, something that belongs to only us.

It’s so easy to have something wonderful happen– a job promotion, an engagement, a birthday– and then immediately think, “How can I share this? How can I announce to the world this is happening?”

I don’t think there is necessarily anything wrong with that but when we put it online, we release it from our hands. It is no longer our private moment.

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2017: the year to write it down!

Hey friends!

One of the most beautiful things that came out 2016 was the chance to create and curate writing classes and other products for you! I never imagined it would lead us into so many great conversations and inspire so many people to finally sit down and write the book or start the blog. I cannot wait to create more in the New Year!

For all of those looking for January writing opportunities, have at it:


Only offered once every October, we whipped up a FLASH SALE for the folks who just can’t wait 10 months to get that novel out of them!  Part 2 of the popular (3-time sold-out) Writing Intensive, this 3-hour class recording covers 1) the nitty gritty of book writing, 2) the discipline of committing to a long-term project and 3) the art of the book proposal. Originally $115, the Year of the Book recording is $57 for the next 72 hours!


My first writing intensive of 2017 is taking place on Saturday, January 28 from 12-3pm EST.  The class will take place online. You don’t have to leave your bed. You can attend naked if you so please. You don’t even have to be available on the date of the class- you will still get the live recording just by signing up! You can expect to dig deep, take a ton of notes, find community in a special FB group, and face a bunch of those liars that try to keep you from writing consistently. Grab your seat here.

Hope to see you in class soon! May the start of your 2017 be healthy, productive and encouraging!


Full plan ahead: The best planner picks for 2017

I’m a former cheater. We should go ahead and just get that out of the way first.

I have been consistently unfaithful when it comes to picking a planner and sticking with it for 12 solid months. I know I’m not alone in this. I’m not the only one to ever pick a planner, fall madly in love with it, feel organized and like your life serves a purpose for 5 minutes, haphazardly visit Target and end up with an entirely different planner a month later. That has been the rhythm of my life for a long time and I am betting there are some people out there who do just the same.

The good thing about being unable to stick with a planner for 12 months? You date a lot of planners. You know what’s out there. Eventually, the romance of a new planner with crisp pages wears off. Sticking with a planner isn’t some whimsical “this is the one” feeling sweeping you up. You survey your options. You pick one. You write things down. You repeat. And you stop allowing yourself to look at other options. It’s basically marriage.

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Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 11.28.53 AM

13 thoughts on mental health.


I didn’t want to work out this morning but I pushed myself out into the sunlight anyway.

I’m confused by the weather as I walk the streets of my neighborhood. November in Atlanta is like a puberty-stricken teenager square in the middle of an identity crisis. Some days she is hot. Some days she is cold. She dresses up like winter on a Monday and then slips back into the nylon of spring by Wednesday. I wish November would make up its mind.

I pull out my phone and set the time for 45 minutes. I only need to walk and get my blood pumping for 45 minutes today. That’s all it will take.

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Make love famous: a love letter for today.

I don’t know a thing about politics. I don’t talk about it in small circles. I’ve held my breath for most of this election. I know some people are happy with the outcome of last night. Some of you are absolutely heartbroken. Some of you aren’t living in America so it touches you or it doesn’t. Either way, I am not here to write about politics.

I’m here to write you a love letter. That’s what I am good for today. That’s what I am capable of. I woke up this morning and felt really somber. It’s in these moments– where I know a good amount of people are hurting– that I feel too small. I feel like my actions can’t make a difference. But I felt like God was present this morning, like He was pressing His fingertips into me and saying, “Today is a support day. If all you do today is remind people of love then that’s a win.” That’s a win, babe.

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Welcome to the Monday club.

Hey you!

The following post comes from my Monday Morning Email series. I don’t usually post Monday Morning Emails on the blog but today is a special occasion.

  1. You might not even be aware that I send out a Monday Morning email every Monday to thousands of people like you! It’s quick, it’s feisty, and it’s my best attempt to get back at Monday for making everyone feel so lethargic! 
  2. For forever (or three years… you pick) my Monday Morning Email could only be accessed through a waitlist. Some people waited on that little waitlist for months before entering into the super cool Monday club. 

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