We gonna get closer?


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A side-note on personal emails: in my most perfect world I would be able to respond to each email that comes my way where you so courageously spill your heart to me. Due to the volume of emails received, I cannot always guarantee the response you deserve but I promise to be reading and getting to as many as possible. My heart aches for some of the stories I encounter but I beg you (BEG YOU) to not keep all these stories to yourself, especially if you are considering harming yourself or someone else. At the end of the day, I am not a therapist or counselor and I would sleep much easier at night knowing you are not alone. Thank you. 

One thought on “We gonna get closer?

  1. Adrienne says:


    I’ts been month since I last commented on your blog. I praised your article on chivalry in the College Candy site. I also mententioned pasted your article on a forum I’m a member of called Chivalry.now. To find it all you have to do is googled it and click forum. It’s in the sectopm the values of chivalry my username is Fables. You can look at it if you want. I also wanted to pointed out the people over at that website see chivalry more than just old fashioned courtly love such as opening doors for a lady. The value the origins of the chivalry as a knightly code that can be updated and evolved for men in the 21st century. Thanks again.

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