shaker (noun): a mover; a doer; one who has forgotten all limits to grow wings.

If you have a project that keeps you up at night, if you are pinning yourself to the needs of others in this world, if you’ve grabbed all of life by her lovely handles and shaking her without mercy, then I will sew your heart to both your sleeve and your cause.

I’ll staple it there. I’ll be your best cheerleader.

I’ll even go out to buy the uniform my mother refused me as a child every time Super Bowl Sunday came along. Pom poms & all. For you.

And if you are still searching for that one thing… that “Cannot Be Caged” bluebird of a passion project, devour the ones below and be encouraged by the stories and shakers who started them.

…Everything you see below started with a single step. An idea. A scared person who just wanted to know what wings felt like instead of arms… And now, look how they fly…

She’s the First

Heartened by the idea that all little girls will one day have the chance to sit behind a desk and learn, I have been a proud support of She’s the First since October 2010. As a researcher and Director of the #VoiceYourVerse Poetry Campaign, I can attest truthfully to be the beauty that lives loud when you play a role in sponsoring girls’ education in the developing world. If you want to learn the art of networking with compassion & integrity deeply sewn in, observe this org (+ Tammy Tibbetts & Christen Brandt) closer.

Selena Soo

If I start gushing, I may never stop. Selena is a maven in the world of PR and marketing. She approaches her field with a grace that is admirable to see in the communications world. Though her PR skills are unmatched—her friendship is even better. Selena is so the type to put off all first-thing-in-the-morning tasks to mentor you through career choices and job applications. Ask me how I know that one…

Lindsey Pollak

The go-to gal that every GenY should carry in their back pocket, Lindsey is the very one who gave me the wisdom I follow each and every day: Your dream job does not exist yet. You have to create it. I recommend her book and her blog, especially to anyone who is getting serious about the job interviewing process. College kids—Lindsey’s knowledge is not to be missed.

Good Women Project

This site is the guidebook for any Christian woman struggling with the ways of this world and fitting into while grasping with white knuckles your daughter-of-Godness.  I promise you will want to print out every piece and carry them around in your pocketbook. I’ve been creating projects alongside Lauren for nearly three years now and it the greatest pleasure to be doing separate work that plays on different heartstrings but somehow, always, walking on the same path. I will support this girl in whatever she does. Period. End of discussion.

Danielle LaPorte

Subscribe to her emails. Dig into her truth bombs. And watch this. Danielle has been a great mentor & mover in my life & my respect for her when it comes to authenticity only grows by the day. She is a voice not to be missed. Original. Unique. Remarkable.

Love Twenty

Love Twenty is the online magazine that all 20-somethings with Big City dreams have always needed. When I first stumbled into Editor in Chief Tehrene by way of the Twittersphere, she regarded herself as the Taylor Swift of Journalism. Now, knowing her heart and how it pulses for the magazine world and every young woman in it, I know this statement to be true. Tehrene will take on the world… without a doubt.

So Worth Loving

Oh. My. Heart. If I were hosting a “Favorite Organization of the Year” award ceremony—this organization, started by Eryn Eddy, would take it home. Hard. Core. One of the kindest spirits & greatest laughs I know—I am humbled to work side by side with Ms. Eddy on so many break-your-heart-it-hurts-so-good projects.


A girl with a heart probably too mammoth for your Twitter feed, Kaleigh Somers is a hot pocket of knowledge about college life. You should be on board with the ways in which she is changing the face of undergraduate education and college culture. We all needed hugs back then after we were stood up at that keg party, didn’t we?

One Mango Tree

This company will always, always, always have my heart when microfinance and fashion meet. Since the day founder Halle Butvin described to me her dream of recreating the Ugandan marketplace for the American consumer—allowing customers to know the woman behind the stitching of their bag—I was hooked.  So we met in DC, shared salted caramel gelato & I heard and saw Halle’s vision even clearer. I regard Halle as a fierce collaborative within my circle & you’d be wise, wise, wise to pull her in as well. And check out the shop 😉

Story of My Life

Need I ever a reminder of how beautiful life really is, Jenni D is there. Poised with fashion, beauty and all the fine things in life, this is the kind of blog to read with croissant and coffee in hand. If it were quite possible, I’d pitch a tent & light a lantern & post up in Jenni’s blog for a tiny eternity. And she scripts awesome sauce love letters as well.

Tiffany Farley

Maybe you recall the b-e-a-utiful photographs that came from this leading lady in the photography world. A best friend, a heart that overflows for a good, good God, and one the best eyes for still life beauty that I know—you should hire Tiff for any shoot. Anywhere you are. Anything you do. She gets it, my friends…. She really gets it.

Close Reads Cafe

Sara Brink is the friend I needed growing up; the one–I am so certain– who would have convinced me to embrace my “book nerd”ness and seize the power & knowledge that live within good stories & to clench in fistfuls the whim that lived upon my bookshelf. She is passionate, fierce & the only perfect fit I can imagine to lead a book club completely driven by social media. Close Reads Cafe is for the lovers of lit, lattes and good conversation. You can certainly find me curled up every month with the book of choice and jiving (yes, jiving) with other fanatics about the plotlines and characters that watered our bones up until the beginning kissed the end. Don’t miss out.


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