These Brews are on fire. (Sung with the same vocal prowess as Alicia Keys.)

In the spirit of this post, you should probably listen to this while reading. The title of the song is deceiving but I would never think to steer you wrong.


My dreams didn’t come true to the sound of Natasha Bedingfield playing in the background.

Sadly no, though you best believe I thought that was exactly how everything would go down as I loaded up my iPhone with songs about being “one in a million” and a “firework” and boarded a southbound train for New York City.

There’s often the “how I think things happen” and “how they really happen” dueling in my mind. I thought this whole journey to starting my own company, becoming a speaker, writing a book, would be more seamless than it was. I at least thought I would know when I had “arrived.” But the truth is that I looked up one morning and realized it was all happening. I wasn’t waiting for life to begin anymore. I was in love with the piles of work heaping on my desk. I wasn’t sitting in a desk, doing a job I loathed, waiting for some toothy fairy-esque character to show up and grant me my  heart’s deepest desires.

There were no ruby red slippers. No clicking of the heels. I just started.

And I kept going. And it when it gets hard, I hustle. And when it eases up, I still hustle. And when the world gets quiet, and there seems to be crickets, I panic. And when you come along, the only, only, only thing I want to do is word vomit every little thing I’ve ever learned onto your lap. Because I am a sharer. A giver by nature. And someone who naturally wants the same success for the people around her that she’s experienced herself.

This is why, this is why, this is why, I first put my Brew Sessions out there. I believe fully that nothing would have burst or exploded, no dreams would have come true, without people in my life who sat with me, mentored me, brainstormed with me, and developed things with me. It is a lonely, lonely world when you don’t have people surrounding you to share dreams with and hash out realities with.

I am a creature of creativity. I am not a fluffy, juju “you can change the world” kind of girl. I am nitty gritty. I am “let’s look at the practicality” in this. I am “let’s get down to WHY you are doing this.” But I kick fear in the face. And I am determined to show you how. And I am a relentless, relentless cheerleader for anyone who wakes up knowing they cannot wait a second longer to start closing the gap between their life and their dreams.

After a Pay What You Can month of March, I revamped and fine tuned the sessions and I am happy to offer even more new selections. Take a look, book your Brew, consider working with me for a 3-month term (we can work out a payment plan if need be!) and know, without a doubt, that I am already on your side and I’ve been your shoes before.

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Brew Sessions are one-hour long private specialized creative brainstorming sessions. You apply for the Brew Sessions and I pick out the individuals who I think I can help get to another level. Upon acceptance, I do some back-brewing & brainstorming before meeting with you. THEN… You and I meet together over Skype or phone and we lay ideas, goals, and hopes square in the center of the table. It’s a solid 60 minutes of sifting & sorting & plotting action steps for the road ahead. Read more on the Brew Sessions here.

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Payment plans are available (please email to set one up).

Each Brew Session comes with notes from the session + the Brew Print Booklet– Increased Productivity + Time Management in One, Sweet Space.



Classic Brew Sessions are for the lovely souls who have a passion, idea or project they dream of turning into a reality. One problem: you’re craving an action plan and need the tools it takes to create an initiative from start to finish. If we’re being honest, this dream keeps you from sleeping at night and so it’s time to turn it into a big, bright reality.

In this brew for two: we’ll meet. we’ll hash out dreams for a solid hour. we will laugh. we will flesh out the core “why” in what you are doing. we will fill your brain with know-how. we’ll go step by step over what it takes to start something that matters.

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Bold Brew Sessions are for the brave ones who need to reshape their personal brand–online & offline. You’re needing some digital footprint 101 to help you clean up your digital space and really emerge into the world with a fresh, new brand. This is all about what it takes to rescript the story you’re telling through your online identity.

In this brew for two: we’ll meet. we’ll sink our heels deep into personal branding. we’ll figure out your social media streams (heaven, bless them). we’ll talk messaging and deeper vision. we’ll wear bright red lipstick together and shout off the rooftops a bit. hollaaaaaa.

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Red Brew Sessions may or may not be inspired by Tay Swifty. You’ve got to admit– the girl is fierce + fun, just like life should be. In the spirit of Red, this Brew is for anyone who seriously needs a battery recharge. You’ve lost sight of your dreams. You don’t even know what direction you’re going in. You need to relight the spark in your eyes and get moving on those passions of yours. Today is a new beginning for you, and a restart.

In this brew for two: we’ll meet. we’ll talk out fears & worries & anxieties. Better yet, we’ll hush em out completely. we’ll come up with some goals + time management plans. we’ll restart ya with a 30-day plan that cannot fail. we’ll uncover the passion you’ve kept on the shelf for far too long. it’s gon’ be RED, baby.

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Blogger Brew Sessions are for both the bloggers & non-bloggers. This Brew was made for you if you’re a) a blogger who needs to step up their game b) you’ve been craving a new direction with your little web space c) you’re struggling all over what you even want to write about d) you lack the savvy to create a blog schedule on your own e) you need some blogger butt kicking f) you’ve wanted to start a blog forever and it’s finally time.

In this brew for two: we’ll meet. you’ll get pearls of wisdom from a professional blogger. we’ll talk readership, stats, schedules, advertising, giveaways, the works. we’ll scrape away at your messaging & “about” page. we’ll brainstorm what it will take to set you apart and get you dedicated readers in the blogging world.

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Click here for more info & testimonies from past Brew Sessions.



The “Brews” are back in town.

I have a gift.

Just a few months ago I would have believed it was boastful, or prideful, or arrogant to say that sort of thing out loud, but I’ve learned best most recently that we’re called to be confident & bold when it comes to the things we thrive at. So, I have a gift.

I was made to be a frizzy-haired, freckled, little creature who absolutely oozed with creativity. I have far too much creativity for my own good. I come up with solutions on the spot. I can make any brand, or load of copy, or organization stand out among the rest. I have an eye for things unseen and I am not afraid to get down & dirty to make something I love even better at the core and the fringes.

For this reason, among many more, I started Brew Sessions this past summer. Brew Sessions were the remedy for the ache in my heart to connect with individuals from across the world who wanted to do good work and just needed the encouragement to step outside the box. Brew Sessions were my way to switch gears in my own brain and offer my advice & expertise & creative eye to folks who just needed some action steps, a solid cheerleader, & a bluntly honest friend.

The last year of my life has blown my mind… I’ve started a global company, I’ve quit my own steady 9-5 job to make a mark in the freelance world, I’ve bobbed & weaved through corporate partnerships and became a spokesperson for the Postal Service. I’ve gained international press and have began speaking around the country (including TED). I signed with a literary agency and I began helping companies– small and large– find their voice, their “why” in this big ol’ world through creative consulting. But all this experience just stacks up a desire within me to pass the know-how onto others. My heart still somersaults for the ones with big dreams. For the ones who want a fresh start. For the ones who want to break from the desk job or follow a passion, wherever it will lead. These are the people I want to connect with. Meet with. Dream with. Brainstorm with. If that’s you, come find me.

Come with your ideas. With your hopes. With your plans. And together, we’ll brew something beautiful.


For the next month, the following Brew Sessions will be offered as “Pay What You Can.” You propose the brewing price and we make it happen. Grab them up quick because they are very limited. The sessions will become set rate by mid-March.

So what’s a Brew Session?

Brew Sessions are one-hour long specialized creative brainstorming sessions. We meet together over Skype or phone and we lay ideas, goals, and hopes square in the center of the table. The 60 minutes is spent sifting & sorting & plotting action steps for the road ahead. We solve problems. We unblock the barriers. We get you thinking too creatively for your own good. We set goals. We create the “what’s next.” We get down to the nit & grit of something you’ve always wanted.

Brew Sessions are a time to focus on your dreams & what you really want out of life. They are a creative space. They are judgement-free. And they are incredibly invaluable to the ones who seek to reinvent themselves on new levels.

All Brew Sessions come with a PDF Brew Booklet & notes from the Session delivered within 24 hours of the Brew.

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