The next chapter…

Hey friend!

If you are reading this letter then that means you’re someone close to me, someone I love and someone who has been on this journey with me from the beginning. I’ve waited a long time to share this news with people and I am ecstatic for the road ahead.

The week of my wedding, I received a two-book deal with Zondervan Publishing. Zondervan, part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, is a world leading Bible publisher and provider of Christian communications. I am currently on deadline to finish Book #2 by June 1 and begin writing Book #3 late in the year. Three books before 30 is something I know only God could orchestrate and I am so honored to be doing this work.

This news will be public on Monday so please don’t share this link. However, I wanted you to be among the first to officially know since I value you and love having you in my corner.

After several hard and good years of living this story– writing dozens and dozens of draft pages– I am so thankful to introduce to you my second book, available August 28, 2018, in bookstores across the country:

You Are Here: Lessons in Showing Up for Your Life with Faith Over Fear

Life can be scary. Adulting is hard. And in the chaos of building a life of your own, it’s all too easy to let fear take over and become the leading character in your story.

I know this because I have struggled with fear my entire life. I’ve given it different roles and I’ve let it reside in my presence under different names. But in the last 3 years, I learned the one choice that makes all the difference between living out of fear and living out of faith: the courage to show up for your life, with the confidence that God will meet you there, day after day.

You Are Here is for anyone who is tired of running away, or running ragged in a self-inflicted race toward the “next best thing” we believe will make us feel finally complete. It’s a book for anyone who is ready to do what it takes to make a courageous u-turn and run toward what will truly make you whole.

Our hyper-connected era has led us to believe life should be a highlight reel—where what matters most is perfect beauty, instant success, and ready applause. And yet, nothing about faith, relationships, or character is instant. The life worth living isn’t a highlight reel—it’s made out of small acts of truth and kindness on repeat. This is what gives us roots to belong deeply to God and to each other and to become who we most long to be.

I want to tell you the truth I encountered and how I learned to fight back at fear and step out in faith, and show up for life.


In the next few months, I’ll be continuing to write my heart out. I would value every spare & deliberate prayer. The prayers I am holding close to my chest:

  • A book that would speak life into the hearts of many who are fearful or at odds with their purpose in the world.
  • Wisdom, wisdom, wisdom (and focus!) as I write. We are at 47,000 words so far.
  • A book that would be a helpful companion in the midst of people’s transitions, faith journies, and quests to build a meaningful life.
  • Uncommon favor as we move forward and publish in August.

I love you and I am so thankful to have you in my corner. I couldn’t imagine this road without you.


Hannah Brencher But Also Sheats